Why Weight Loss is More Than a Physical Transformation | Drew Manning Mr Fit2Fat2Fit

Drew Manning talks about his first two @Fit2Fat2Fit experiments. He reveals what the most challenging aspects of gaining 75 pounds and losing it again were. You’ll see why weight loss is much more than just physical change and transformation on this episode of The Keto Kamp Podcast with Ben Azadi.

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[00:00] All About Drew’s First Fit2Fat2Fit Experiment

[10:05] Dealing With A Breakup Was The Hardest Part of Fit2Fat2Fit
– Drew and his girlfriend broke up during the Fit2Fat2Fit experiment.
– Many people ask if the breakup was because of this journey, and the honest truth is no. Sadly, they had problems before the journey even started. However, the problems were amplified because of Drew’s unhealthy physical state, which affected his emotional state.
– When you’re unhealthy, your ability to handle stress is severely diminished. Plus, you’re more reactive, and you’re in survival mode.

[18:20] The Transition Back To ‘Fit’ After Gaining So Much Weight
– Drew made the transition back to being ‘fit’ cold turkey.
– He flipped the switch and went completely keto. Drew was excited, but he did not underestimate the power of withdrawal symptoms.
– Drew’s body would almost fight back against him with cravings to eat the processed food because he had trained it for so long to eat that.
– Thousands of people signed up to follow Drew on his journey, so that’s what motivated him to keep going.

[21:55] Physical Transformation Is Way More Emotional Than We Think
– The stresses of life don’t go away when you’re on a physical weight loss journey.
– You need new thought patterns so you can actually have success on the physical transformation side.
– If we can give people tools on the emotional side, then they will be able to handle physical transformations.

[26:00] The Importance of Becoming Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations
Here are some tools to help strengthen the mental side of your transformation:
These things can be uncomfortable for lots of people, but training your brain to become comfortable in these uncomfortable situations can carry over into eating healthy food.
– We can become comfortable in these uncomfortable situations. That way, the physical journey will be so much easier. You’ll see why Drew Manning Keto Diet is part of his weight loss journey.

[29:05] The Reason That We Are More Than Our Bodies
– Many of us see our identity as our body image.
– During Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew was uncomfortable and didn’t feel like himself anymore. Sadly, he was going through an identity crisis.
– Think about your identity without your body – it’s a powerful tool to learn.

[34:50] Why Getting Healthier Will Cause You To Be Happier
– A healthier version of you is going to cause you to be happier.
– Also, a healthier version of you is going to make it easier for you to be more fulfilled.
– Instead of focusing on being skinnier and getting ripped, people should focus on being healthier.
– A critical piece of health is managing stress. These are some powerful stress management tools:
– Meditation
– Prayer
– Journaling
– Getting out in nature
– Being with family
– Being with loved ones
– Relationships
– Sleeping

[45:45] Finding A Healthy Alternative To Ben & Jerry’s
– Sadly, Drew hasn’t found a quality replacement for Ben & Jerry’s yet.
– However, there are some good keto ice creams out in the world.
– Drew doesn’t want to eat ice cream when stressed out; it’s a bad habit to form.
– Instead, eat ice cream with intention and enjoy it. Don’t do it to escape any situation or feeling.
– Always have a good intention when eating something.
– Self-awareness plays a big role in being able to control emotional eating.

[56:20] How To Move Out Of Complacency During A Physical Transformation

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