Why the quality of fats on keto matter | Dr Jeff Matheson

Discover why quality fats on keto matter. There’s healthy fats vs unhealthy fats to consume on a ketogenic diet. Dr Jeff Matheson explains on The Keto Kamp Podcast how fats build up your hormones and cells, and how fats such as fish oil create inflammation in the body.

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[01:15] How Our Body Will Produce Energy
– Our body is great at communication, not only within each organ but between organs. All this communication is done through the cell membranes.
– The cell membrane is the basic divide between the outside world and the inside world – that’s where the fundamental communication takes place.
– All hormonal issues boil down to unhealthy cell membranes.

[03:45] Hormones Aren’t That Simple
– Hormones need a delicate balance. If you start adding exogenous hormones into the system, you’re going to push that system out of balance.
– How adding exogenous hormones into your body will affect you later on down the road is really difficult to predict.
– When people correct their underlying nutritional issues, usually within six to nine months, they should be able to come off all exogenous hormones.

[06:25] Bad Things That Develop In Our Cells
– The problem that will affect people first is mitochondrial issues. The mitochondria is a very high-energy place, it’s supposed to produce lots of energy, but it can be screwed up fairly easily. The first thing that people feel is fatigue – that’s that mitochondria sort of breaking down.

[09:15] Why Your Supplements Might Not Be Working
– If you have an unhealthy cell membrane, things can’t get in.
– On average, the cell membrane is 50% fat. If you have abnormal fats in that cell membrane, that membrane becomes more like plastic.

[14:30] How Keto & Fasting Help Support The Cell Membrane
– The brain is about 70% fat – it operates on keto about seven to eleven times more efficiently than on carbohydrates.
– Fat-based energy production is way more efficient.
– Every single one of our ancestors did keto because their environment forced them into it.
– Once you achieve metabolic freedom and flexibility, your body can actually manufacture glucose from the fat and from protein.

[18:20] Is Omega 6 Bad For You? Omega 6 vs omega 3
– Omega-6 isn’t bad for you; processed omega-6 is bad for you.
– Omega-6 has the same oxygen-binding capacity as hemoglobin.
– After people take the proper amount of omega-6, they feel better. Plus, they will be able to feel it fast.

[21:10] The Issue With Fish Oil
– Fish oil is high in EPA and DHA. They’re what we call unsaturated are much more unstable.
– As it turns out, the brain only uses about seven and a half milligrams per day of EPA and DHA.
– People on a high dose of fish oil will have a problem with nose bleeds.
– If you overload yourself with fish oil, the mitochondria is only half as efficient as it should be.

[34:55] Is Eating Fish Bad Too?
– You can certainly eat fish. When you cook it, you’re destroying the fats anyways.
– It’s the deepwater fish that are higher in EPA and DHA.
– Fish have a lot of good nutrition in it unless it’s been contaminated with heavy metals and stuff. In Japan, where they eat mostly raw fish, they do have higher rates of hemorrhagic strokes.
– Fish that have fewer heavy metals are ones with a fast turnover like sardines.

[39:45] About Pure Form
– Pure Form Omega® Natural is an organic, plant-based, fish-free, cold-pressed, source of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.
These are all excellent sources of essential omega-6, along with organic flaxseed oil for essential omega-3, to obtain what we consider the ideal omega 3-6 combination.

[51:20] Hangover Prevention
– Since the brain is 70% fat, you put all the good fats in the brain, you don’t get headaches.

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