Why The Ketogenic Diet is The Best Diet For Inflammation With Dr Lori Shemek

Dr Lori Shemek reveals which foods reduce inflammation. You will also learn why the ketogenic diet is the best diet for inflammation, benefits of intermittent fasting for men and women, and more.

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[02:15] About Dr. Lori Shemek
– Many people feel like they don’t have a choice when it comes to their health. 80% is a choice – we can change our gene expression.

[08:20] Why Dr. Lori Focuses on Inflammation
– If you can decrease your inflammation, then you can prevent so many diseases, ill-health, and weight gain.

[09:20] The Differences Between Acute Inflammation and Silent Inflammation
– Acute: we know the inflammation is there because it’s uncomfortable, and it hurts. It’s a cut on your finger, the terrible head cold, and the sprained ankle. This inflammation is great because it tells you that something is wrong with your body.
– Silent: the name suggests danger. It’s the core cause of illness, disease, faster aging, and weight gain.
– Fatflammation: fat cell inflammation is silent inflammation in the fat cells. The types of foods most Americans are eating is creating a body that is producing inflammatory molecules. When the fat cell gets bloated, it expands.
– Doctors will put a band-aid on chronic inflammation.

[15:15] Foods For Inflammation
– Keto is an anti-inflammatory diet.
– Foods that will stop inflammation are things like omega-3.
– healthy fats on the keto diet:
– Wild, fatty fish
– Seafood
– Berries
– Green tea
– The keto choices that we have are usually anti-inflammatory

[17:15] The Problem With Consuming Unstable Fats on Keto
– Our cell membrane is thin, essential for optimal health.
– The health of our cell membrane will determine your overall health. It allows nutrients to come in and out. The membrane is made of fat.
– Corn oil, vegetable oil, soil oil, canola oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil are highly processed and highly refined. The body does not know what to do with these processed oils.
– Discover which foods cause inflammation such as vegetable oils and rancid fats. The cell membrane uses fats that you’re eating. So if you’re eating vegetable oils, those fats will become your cell membrane.

[21:40] The Relationship Between The Cell Membranes and The Mitochondria
– The mitochondria are everywhere – they are crucial because they generate ATP, which is the energy that our cell needs to survive.
– Then, ensure that you have enough magnesium. Magnesium is crucial for your optimal health and weight.
– The mitochondria starts sending out signals of distress to your body. Then, your body will begin to inflame within the cell.

[25:55] The Importance of Magnesium
– Dr. Lori says that people should take magnesium as a supplement.
– Dr. Lori will take magnesium threonate.
– If you’re overweight, you are going to need more magnesium. If you have foggy thinking, then you’re going to need more. 600 mg is excellent.

[30:00] Getting In and Out of Ketosis
– When we go in and out of ketosis, we teach our bodies how to be metabolically flexible.
– However, if you’re losing weight, then stay strict on the keto diet. When the weight starts to fall off, your body will be able to handle the carbohydrates.

[32:35] Benefits From Fasting
– Health is about ketosis.
– If you don’t want to do the ketogenic diet, then fasting will provide ketosis.
– If you have insulin resistance, intermittent fasting is a fantastic way to repair your body.

[39:15] About Dr. Lori’s Favorite Lab Tests
– Test your vitamin D. If you have a low vitamin D level, then you have an inflammation problem. Your vitamin D levels should be at 70 or higher.
– CRP value is important; the lower, the better. 1 or 2 is ideal.
– Test your glucose. Even the healthiest keto foods might not agree with you. Use a glucose monitor to determine what will raise your glucose.

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