Why Reducing Blood Sugar Is A Total Game-Changer For Anti-Aging w/ Shawn Wells

Discover why reducing blood sugar can be one of the best ways to anti aging. Shawn Wells berberine vs metformin for insulin resistance and high blood sugars.

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In this episode, Shawn Wells opens the show by diving straight into his story. After finding his passion for supplements, Shawn went through massive ups and downs to get him where he is today. Eventually, Shawn found keto, and the rest is history! He reveals the common mistakes that people make when first trying keto. We dig deep into supplements and talk about one of Shawn’s favorites – dihydroberberine; it’s a total game-changer. Tune in as we chat about Shawn’s book and the importance of “exercise snacks.”

00:00 Intro
[01:40] About Shawn Wells And His Journey To Keto + Supplements
– Shawn went to business school because that’s what everyone else wanted him to do.
– However, Shawn found keto, and it changed his life forever.

[16:15] Common Mistakes That People Make When Trying Keto
– A lot of people try dirty keto by drinking diet sodas and using artificial sweeteners.
– Making your own keto desserts is another mistake.
– Also, many people think they can eat out and still eat keto. Shawn says he would try and eat Burger King while following the keto diet.
– Eating too much protein can be a mistake for people. Instead, think about eating more fat. That way, you feel full faster. The higher your ketones get, the more you will struggle to eat.
– If women can’t get into ketosis, Shawn says to try a period of strict keto. Down the road, you can play with net carbs.

[23:20] Why Dihydroberberine Is A Total Game-Changer For Anti-Aging
– Metformin is the most powerful anti-aging agent that we have ever seen. People have been taking it for twenty years.
– In 90 days, people’s biomarkers looked like there was an improvement of two years of longevity after using metformin.
– Dihydroberberine is the active metabolite of berberine. It is five to ten times more bioavailable. It doesn’t have the GI distress that metformin has. Plus, dihydroberberine lasts twice as long in the plasma.
– For keto and anti-aging, dihydroberberine is powerful!
– Get Genius Blood Sugar: https://amzn.to/3dsdr8U Berberine benefits go beyond glucose control. Berberine insulin resistance are usually mentioned in the same sentence, for good reason!

[30:40] The Meaning Behind Limitless Potential From Shawn’s Book, The ENERGY Formula
– Shawn has had a love-hate thing with biohacking.
– In Shawn’s book, The ENERGY Formula, there’s a story about the importance of self-love and community.
– Shawn uses the word biohacking because people connect with it. However, Shawn knows there is no quick fix. We need a solid foundation of self-love and community. Then, we can use things for resilience and optimization.
– Find more ways to fall in love with yourself. That way, you can find your greatest potential.
● Get The ENERGY Formula: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08SCM7MHB/benazadi-20

[40:40] Shawn’s Favorite Benefits of “Exercise Snacks” (Sounds Great, Right?)
– Relationships are the number one predictor of longevity. Another predictor of longevity is grip strength.
– Take time to invest in your body. When you invest in your body, you have time for nutrition, meditation, and all these other things.
– A firm handshake will predict how long you live.
– The body in motion stays in motion. Find ways to exercise!
– Small exercises throughout the day have a greater impact on your health than one hour of exercise.
– Break up your periods of being sedentary with “exercise snacks.”

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