Why is keto not working for me? (3 Reasons)

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If keto is not working for you anymore, it is because of 3 reasons…

The first reason is…

… You lack the ability to breakdown and assimilate the fat soluble vitamins on Keto.

The liver produces bile, which is the soccer mom organ. Bile is a detergent for breaking down fat on the keto diet. Without healthy bile, you won’t be able to absorb these vitamins leading to stomach pain, increased inflammation and a keto weight loss plateau.

Bile is also important for removing toxins. When you burn fat cells on keto, your body dumps toxins into the bloodstream. Without healthy bile, you will not be able to remove these toxins leading to absorbing them again. This is why many people feel bad on the keto diet.

The second reason is…

… You’re eating the wrong types of fats, and not enough protein. In this video I reveal a list of dirty keto fats which raise inflammation, leading to weight gain.

The third reason is…

… You have high levels of stress and poor sleep. Sleep is the Swiss army knife for health, and key for burning fat on keto. In this video I share practical ways to get better sleep on keto, and daily tips for mastering stress.

When stress is up, cortisol follows, so does glucose; when this happens, ketones plummet. Not good.

BONUS TIP: Combine these two intermittent fasting strategies with keto to increase your results.

▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kamp Blueprint” | http://www.ketokampblueprint.com

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