Why Being in Ketosis For Too Long Can be Dangerous with Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer reveals the dangers of long term ketosis, and why it is important to flex in and out of keto. Learn the difference between fat adapted vs ketosis, how much protein should I have on keto, and a wonderful discussion with Ben Azadi Keto Flex author.

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[00:00] Why You Shouldn’t Eat Keto All of The Time
– If you eat keto for too long without ever switching, then you’re going to get dependent on keto, and you’re going to become somewhat intolerant.
– People go hardcore keto, and they don’t take adequate time off of it. When you do that, you lose a lot of the mitochondrial machinery to process glucose.
– Eventually, you will become glucose intolerant, and you will not oxidize glucose as efficiently.
– Some keto people have a “cheat” meal, and they will feel like garbage.
– If you eat a sweet potato, you shouldn’t feel like garbage. In fact, carbs aren’t bad for you. The overconsumption of carbs has messed us up.

[07:35] Fat Adaptation VS Keto Adaptation: What’s The Difference?
– Fat-adaptation is where your body knows how to oxidize fat. Your body understands how to use free fatty acids as a fuel source.
– Keto-adaptation is where some of your fatty acids go to the liver, and the liver converts them into ketones.
– Someone that is an endurance athlete can be fat-adapted but not necessarily keto-adapted. Keto is how long you’re actually exposing yourself to beta-hydroxybutyrate.

[09:40] What You Need To Know About The Gibbs Free Energy Equation
– Ketones produce about 27% more energy via this Gibbs energy equation versus glucose.

[11:45] Why The Hormetic Curve Is So Important To Achieve
– The hormetic stressors in our life happen on a daily basis, whether we realize them or not.
– When we keep stressing our bodies, they start to adapt to that stress.
– Take exercise, for instance, you have progressively more intense workouts, and you get progressively stronger as an adaptation.
– However, if you push yourself too hard, you’re going to get yourself sick.
– This equation applies to virtually everything we expose ourselves to.
– We should always be in a little bit of discomfort, but not painful discomfort.

[22:55] How Much Protein You Should Be Eating While On Keto
– Thomas says to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight.
– He weighs about 180 pounds. So, his goal is about 100 grams of protein a day.
– If someone weighs 280 pounds, they should eat 0.6 to 0.8 grams per kilogram.
– Protein is not going to kick you out of ketosis.
– It’s much better to lean into protein than it is to lean into fats because you’re much less likely to overdo the protein.

[30:25] “Healthy” Keto Foods That You Should Avoid
– You should be very careful of the salad dressings that you are eating. Sadly, these dressings usually contain soybean oil or canola oil.
– Industrial seed oils are worse than smoking cigarettes and sugars.
– Also, raw almonds and raw nuts can be very difficult for your body to break down. They’re not unhealthy, but it’s easy to overeat them.
– Processed cheese can be an unhealthy item you should avoid as well.

[36:30] Will Apple Cider Vinegar Break Your Fast?
– There are a couple of calories in apple cider vinegar. So in a literal sense, it breaks up your fast.
– With apple cider vinegar, metabolically, you’re breaking a fast. However, you’re actually putting yourself deeper into a fast as far as the AMPK pathway is concerned.
– Remember, AMPK is a sensor that recognizes when we are out of fuel, whether it’s food or fatty acids that are liberated.
– Apple cider vinegar will be very beneficial for you in the first 20 hours of a fast.

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