What to do if you are not in ketosis (5 solutions)

In this video you’ll learn why you are not in ketosis yet, and 5 ways get into ketosis for the first time on the keto diet, and how to get back into ketosis after cheating. . 💻 Free Keto Diet Masterclass ➡️ http://www.ketosismasterclass.com

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If you’ve been following a keto diet for weeks, but you see no ketones in urine on ketogenic diet, or on blood ketone strips, learn why.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:30 Video overview. Does too much protein kick you out of ketosis? The role electrolytes play with getting into ketosis fast. Why toxins might be the reason why you can’t get into ketosis.

02:00 The first reason why you aren’t in ketosis… too many carbohydrates. If you’ve wondered how many carbs you should eat to get into ketosis, you’ll find the answer here. Keep an eye out for carbohydrate creep. It’s important to read the ingredients list. Some people need to drop total carbohydrates to under 20 grams in order to achieve ketosis.

03:15 The second reason why you aren’t producing ketones… a process called electrolyte dumping. When your body transitions away from being a sugar burner to a fat burner, it releases excess water. When you don’t replenish electrolytes on keto, this can result in common symptoms when doing keto such as brain fog, the keto flu, and not feeling good on the keto diet.

Consume 1-2 teaspoons of high quality salt. I use Redmond’s Real Salt:
Here are other ways to replenish your electrolytes and minerals on the ketogenic diet…
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06:48 The third reason why your ketones are low… you might be fasting too much. Can you practice intermittent fasting with the keto diet? Yes, they go hand in hand. However, fasting is a muscle you want to develop over time.

08:35 The number four reason why you can’t get into ketosis on keto…. Poor sleep and too much stress. Yes, too much stress will kick you out of ketosis. When cortisol is high, glucose follows and ketones drop.
Sleep deprivation and higher cortisol and insulin

09:47 Sleep issues on keto? Can stress kick you out of ketosis? Yes, follow these tips.

The Power of Sleep Book: https://amzn.to/3pJGLLz

11:24 The fifth reason why you have low ketones on a ketogenic diet…. Toxins! This is the most common reason why people struggle to get into ketosis, or why you keep getting kicked out of ketosis. This is why you don’t feel good on keto. Why can’t i get into ketosis again, the answer is toxins.

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Question of the day how do you test ketones

15:30 The bonus reason why you can’t stay in ketosis …. Unstable fats such as vegetables oils and fish oil.

18:20 How fish oil is sabotaging your keto results.

Page 251 in the PEO Solution:

“21st Century Warning: 4½ Months to Rid Patients of the Damaging Fish Oil Excess21 It takes 18 weeks to reverse the negative effect of the incorporation of EPA / DHA from fish oil into the cell membrane.”

20:20 Proven ways to get into ketosis fast.

MCT’s are not stored as fat, they are used for fuel and converted into ketones immediately
C8 with coconut oil help spike in ketones and the conversion from coconut oil. Studies

Caffeine study: https://cdnsciencepub.com/doi/abs/10.1139/cjpp-2016-0338#.XCI7vxNKjxX

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