What is the REAL CAUSE OF CANCER with Dr Jason Fung | Author of The Cancer Code

Dr Jason Fung reveals a new paradigm for cancer. Discover why too much insulin is at the root cause of cancer, and the top ways to prevent cancer growth and replication.

Dr. Jason Fung | Diabetes, Obesity, Intermittent Fasting, & The Calories Debacle – KKP 24: https://youtu.be/a6k_owdmTIw

Dr Fung has cracked the cancer code. In this interview of The Keto Kamp Podcast with Ben Azadi, Dr Jason Fung answers the following questions…

what are the best ways to prevent cancer?
is there a cure for cancer?
why is cancer so difficult to treat?
what is the real cause of cancer?

// T I M E S T A M P S

[00:15] About The Cancer Code
– Cancer has always been a great mystery. We know what causes other diseases or infections. Cancer is the second cause of death in America, yet we don’t know what it is.
– The way we think about cancer has changed significantly throughout the years. There is an enormous shift in how we see the disease, affecting how we treat the disease.
– There is a recognition that cancer is actually an obesity-related disease. In 2003, there was convincing evidence about the correlation between cancer and obesity. In fact, it’s a massive part of cancer.
– Diet turns out to be 30-35% related to cancer causation.
– Breast cancer and colorectal cancer are the most prominent obesity-related cancers.

[16:15] Every Cancer Develops From Your Own Cells
– The number of mutations that are required to get cancer far outstrips the rate of mutation.
– Cancer is an evolutionary disease. You can take the tools of evolutionary biology and apply them to cancer instead.
– Cancer is not part of your body; it’s foreign. The immune system will attack cancer cells.

[25:00] A Seven-Day Water Fast Could Shrink Tumors
– A water fast will maximize autophagy. It will put your cells into maintenance mode. When you fast, your insulin will lower as well as your mTOR.

[29:00] The Correlation Between Glucose and Cancer
– Cancer runs on glucose much better than they run on fat.
– Some cancer cells can run on protein and fat.
– Glucose is the most readily available fuel, and it makes the cell run efficiently.
– If you starve the cell of glucose, then it can change.
– Before you develop cancer, nutrition can be enough to prevent it.

[38:35] How Bad Fats Could Increase Our Chances of Cancer
– Bad fats could possibly increase our chances of cancer. However, the data isn’t there yet.
– Cancer develops from inflammation and chronic damage.

[42:50] The Benefits of Metformin
– If you have type 2 diabetes, then metformin may be better for cancer prevention.
– Metformin will turn down excessive growth. If you are in growth mode all the time, it’s bad for longevity.

[45:30] Getting Too Much Autophagy
– Too much autophagy is bad and too little autophagy is bad. You want to be somewhere in the middle.

[47:40] How Fasting Can Improve Chemotherapy
– Chemotherapy will kill cancer cells. Fasting will turn down normal cell growth. Therefore, they will be less susceptible to chemotherapy.
– Cancer cells cannot turn themselves down as easily.
– Fasting is safe during chemotherapy. Plus, it is shown that you can handle the chemotherapy better when fasting.

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