What Are The Best Foods to Eat For Breakfast (The Best vs The Worst)

If you’ve been wondering what can I eat for breakfast to lose weight, this video is for you. Ben Azadi reveals the best thing to eat for breakfast for fat loss, increased energy and focus. Download my free shopping guide here: http://www.ketokampblueprint.com

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00:00 Why we don’t want high glucose and insulin spikes in the morning. If you’ve been wondering should I eat carbohydrates in the morning, this explains the answer for you. When glucose is high in the morning, it will result in an energy crash and more cravings later in the day.

01:19 Avoid these unhealthy breakfast options. A lot of people are asking is wheat bread good for weight loss, well it isn’t. In Dr William Davis’s book Wheat Belly, he shows that 2 slices of whole grain wheat bread can spike glucose as much as a snickers bar or 12 ounce can of soda!

02:30 Follow my P.F.F. Formula for breakfast. You want to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in Protein, Fat and Fiber (PFF).

03:16 What should I eat for breakfast to lose weight? This provides you a list of breakfast fat burning foods. Yes, are eggs healthy for weight loss, absolutely because it is loaded with healthy fat and protein.

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