What Are The Benefits of The Carnivore Diet With Austin Cavelli

Austin Cavelli shares the healing benefits of the carnivore diet. Carnivore can be a great tool for someone with leaky gut, autoimmune disease, and obesity.

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[02:20] Why Austin Decided To Follow A Carnivore Diet
Austin struggled mainly with digestive issues for most of her life. When Austin had health challenges she wanted to know what is the best diet for autoimmune disease.
She suffered from chronic constipation and chronic pains with food.
So, Austin tried a paleo diet and cut out diary.
Eventually, Austin noticed that when she cut out certain vegetables, her digestion was getting better.
Then, she realized more fats would make her feel better.
It wasn’t until Austin went carnivore and cut out fiber that made her digestive issues go away.

[06:30] Antinutrients Could Be The Reason For Your Symptoms
Joint pain is a big issue.
Antinutrients can also cause chronic constipation.
Also, antinutrients can be hindering your mental clarity and sleep.
Lastly, antinutrients may be causing low energy levels.
Switching to carnivore can vastly improve mental clarity, sleep, energy, digestion, and joint pain. What is the best diet for leaky gut? The carnivore diet can be a great way to heal your gut and reverse leaky gut.

[08:35] Why You May Want To Ditch The Antinutrients
Take away antinutrients to see if your health improves.
Antinutrients will affect every person differently.
The gut will be most affected by antinutrients. In fact, they can even cause leaky gut.
First, you have to clean the gut before you introduce probiotics.
If you add probiotics to an unhealthy gut, then it’s not going to help.
Remove the antinutrients in order to heal the gut temporarily. Does the carnivore diet help with leaky gut? Yes, because it removes anti nutrients.

[14:15] Do You Need Fiber To Have Regular Bowel Movements?
People think that going on a carnivore diet will result in constipation.
Other people say that the carnivore diet will result in explosive diarrhea.

[16:30] Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water When You Are Eating Your Meals
When you are eating a carnivore diet, you already have a lot of protein which requires stomach acid to break it down.
To maximize stomach acid, prevent water 30 minutes before and after a meal.

[17:45] Electrolytes Are Critical When Following A Carnivore Diet
Austin is a minimalist when it comes to supplements.
If you are going to eat organs, then eat the actual organs.
Supplements are processed, so it’s time to eliminate those from your diet when possible.
If you are starting a carnivore diet, then you need more electrolytes.
Take a magnesium supplement; it’s not readily available in our soil anymore.

[22:00] Why You Should Eat Organ Meat And How To Make It Taste Good

[26:45] Can I Get Cancer From Eating Too Much Red Meat?
Keto and carnivore have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.
The red meat studies were not accurate – they were not looking at just the consumption of red meat.
Everything comes down to inflammation.
When you reduce antinutrients, you are reducing inflammation.
By doing these things, you are actually reversing your chances of getting cancer.
The number one cancer center in the United States is promoting a ketogenic diet.

[32:50] How To Transition From Carnivore To Keto
Depending on what foods trigger your symptoms will depend on how you want to transition from carnivore to keto.
For instance, if sweet things trigger your symptoms, then you may want to avoid fruits.

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