Vinnie Tortorich Why Eating Fat Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Vinnie Tortorich reveals the benefits of eating saturated fat and cholesterol, how insulin is produced in the body and his documentary FAT: A DOCUMENTARY.

In this episode of The Keto Kamp Podcast, Ben Azadi & Vinnie Tortorich discuss fat. Learn why you should eat the fat, the best fats on keto, how carbohydrates are digested and absorbed, and much more.

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[01:40] About Vinnie Tortorich
– In Hollywood, Vinnie helped actors and actresses lose weight.
– You can’t run off fourteen months of bad behavior. Instead, weight loss is all about diet.
– Vinnie knew that meat is a great way to lose weight, decrease inflammation, and feel better overall. Plus, meat is heart-healthy.
– Vinnie wrote the book Fitness Confidential; he didn’t want to put the word ketosis in the book. He knew the medical community would say he was trying to kill people.

[06:45] Why Vinnie Never Used The Word “Keto”
– In 2013, Vinnie heard about net carbs. It doesn’t work! If it worked, Vinnie would tell people to do it.
– Vinnie gives away his information for free – he has never charged for his information. So, why would he lie to anyone?
– Vinnie owns the rights to NSNG (no sugars, no grains).
– No one is certifying the word “keto.”
– You can take a bowl of sugar, wrap it up, and say it’s keto-certified. In reality, it’s not keto-certified because it’s not good for you.

[12:15] Why Insulin Is Important
– If insulin is so bad, then why do people need it to live? Insulin is a hormone that we need to live. All hormones control mechanisms in our bodies.
– Insulin does a lot of things. It gets released to go down and cover sugar in our liver. When you eat a piece of fruit, the sugar gets to your liver. Then, the insulin will convert sugar into glucose and stores it around your body. In order to maintain homeostasis, we only have a couple of teaspoons in our blood.
– Sugar can’t go anywhere. So, our body will store it as fat though long-chain triglycerides. The long-chain triglycerides take a lot of work to break it down.
– When we eat too many carbs, you are getting an insulin load. It makes us insulin resistant. Then, we can end up type 2 diabetes.
– The key is to eat foods that are insulin friendly.

[18:25] Can Fat Make You Fat?
– Yes, fat can you make you fat if you eat it in excess. However, fats aren’t going to make you eat in excess.
– For example, you can eat a whole bag of corn chips. Once you start eating them, you can’t stop. People who are obese can’t stop eating corn chips.
– While on the other hand, if you went to steakhouse, and you had a giant fatty steak. When you take the last bite and they bring you a second steak, you would bag it up and take it home. Why is that?
– You are going to feel full on fatty things vs. carbs.

[27:50] Drinking Too Much Heavy Cream
– Gabriella would drink coffee with heavy cream in the morning and eggs.
– Even when you have too much fat, you may not get fat. However, it may prevent you from losing weight.

[31:55] What’s Wrong With Calories In and Calories Out
– So, how do you get your body fat-adapted? Once your body learns how to use fat as energy, it will do it right away.

[37:50] The Inspiration behind FAT: A Documentary

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