The Best Mattress in the world (relieve back pain, and more)

Claus Pummer from Samina Sleep reveals why their mattress is the best in the world. We review SAMINA to discover if they are the best mattress for back pain, side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

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In this episode, Claus Pummer reveals the inspiration behind his career in the sleep world. Not sure if you’re getting efficient sleep? Claus says that if you have brain fog, you’re cranky, unhappy, or indecisive, then you are not getting the best sleep! Your mattress could be toxic, and those toxins are bioaccumulating in your body.


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[00:40] About Claus Pummer

[06:25] The Side Effects of Poor Sleep
– If you’re not sleeping well, that may be the reason that you are overweight.
– Brain fog in the morning is a result of poor sleep.
– If you’re cranky, most likely, your rest was not efficient.
– When you’re not happy in life, then perhaps you do not sleep well enough.
– If you’re indecisive, then that’s a sign of poor sleep.
– Not enough people talk about the proper way to sleep.

[09:20] The Problems With Your Mattress
– Mattresses are one of the worst things to buy for humans. A study found that people dreaded a mattress purchase over everything else (except buying a car).
– People understand that they need a mattress, but they don’t want to deal with the research to buy a mattress.
– Make sure you find out what is in your mattress. If you know what is in your mattress, then you will know if it’s good for you or bad for you.

[11:20] About Mattress Red Flags
– Metal springs are red flags.
– Unnatural materials are red flags.
– People will put fire retardants and petroleum in their mattresses.
– If there are things in the bed that don’t come from nature, then you don’t want it in your mattress.
– When you spend 1/3 of your day on your mattress, you better know what is in it!

[14:25] About SAMINA Sleep
– SAMINA sleep is a family business. This company was not started for a quick buck. It took over ten years to figure out the best sleep system.
– Hand-crafted in the Austrian Alps, SAMINA is the naturally healthy brand of luxury organic mattresses and products promoting optimal health through sleep.
– Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, the company founder and current CEO, designed the organic mattresses and other SAMINA healthy sleep products to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

[22:55] The Problem With Metals
– Metals in the mattress and bedframes are not ideal for sleep.
– Metal will attract electrical fields and metal fields. The exposure comes from powerlines around your house.
– Also, radio frequencies are invisible from transmitting data. Metal will attract the radio frequencies. Bluetooth devices and wireless devices create radio frequencies.
– Walking barefoot is highly recommended to ground yourself naturally to the earth. That way, you can recharge your body.
– In a SAMINA bed, there is a grounding pad. Sleeping with the SAMINA system is equivalent to walking on the beach barefoot.

[31:10] Noticing Results With SAMINA

[39:20] How Long A SAMINA Bed Will Last

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