The Best Bio-Hacks to Support Mitochondrial Health | Dr John Lieurance

Dr. Lieurance reveals what tools he would use to start to repair the body and ditch your morning caffeine impulses. Tune in as Dr. Lieurance gives us the scoop on the importance of melatonin, ketones for the brain, and red light therapy.

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Dr. Lieurance talks about going past the hormetic zone by putting stress on the body. We talk about the importance of brain health and why you should never wake up sluggish in the morning. If you need caffeine to get through the day, then something is going on with your adrenals.

[00:00] Going Past The Hormetic Zone By Putting Good Stress On The Body
We have a zone of familiarity, where it’s like the status quo.
We wake up and do the same thing, and the body becomes accustomed to familiar signaling.
Whether it’s your walk to work or the exercise you’re doing at the gym, these things are going to signal certain genes in our body to buffer this stressor.
When we have a good expression of those genes, we have the ability to buffer more stress.
If you stress your body a little more than it is used to, your body will have to use extra strength.
This becomes way more important for the brain. You can’t strengthen the brain like you can muscles.

[07:10] Waking Up Sluggish Is Not Normal – Dr. Lieurance Explains Why
Cortisol is the polar opposite of melatonin.
If you want to learn more about melatonin, get the book Melatonin: The Miracle Molecule:
When you sleep, your body goes into this calm, parasympathetic, resting, digesting, and repair phase.
Cortisol is supposed to be highest in the morning. However, people get up in the morning and are feeling sluggish.
Dr. Lieurance says you shouldn’t rely on caffeine to help you get going in the morning.

[11:20] Are You Over Consuming Caffeine? Here are Some Recommendations From Dr. Lieurance

[19:30] A Melatonin Suppository Will Help Combat High-Stress Levels
What are the benefits of melatonin? It goes beyond biohacking sleep.
We naturally decline our production of melatonin as we get older.
Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other conditions have been shown to be improved in clinical research by supplementing melatonin.
Also, there are countless studies about how melatonin will have a positive effect when it comes to battling viruses; it has a positive impact on survivability.

[26:25] The Benefits For The Brain When We Are Producing Ketones
Ketones are an efficient energy source.
Ketosis is a wonderful tool to improve the endurance and ability of the brain to have more energy.
Also, ketosis will cut down on microbial growth because most microbes like carbs.
In addition to ketosis, Dr. Lieurance recommends methylene blue nootropic. It is one of the most novel and powerful nootropics on the planet which is why methylene blue benefits are more than brain function.

[37:10] Red Light Therapy: The Benefits For Your Mitochondria
Red light therapy is working on your mitochondria. Plus, it’s working on your cellular energy.
We get a lot of toxins in our skin. Red light therapy will have a tremendous benefit to detoxifying the skin.
Red light can actually lower the resistance in red blood cells and improve circulation.
In addition, red light therapy mitochondria can improve our circadian rhythm.
Get red lights here:

[41:10] If You Believe You Can Heal, Then Healing Will Happen For You


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