The 6 Pillars to a Healthy and Happy Life with Jeremy Abramson

In this episode, Jeremy opens the show by revealing why it’s critical to clarify your values. Once you understand your values clearly, then you can act accordingly. Jeremy explains why comparing yourself to others is utterly pointless.

If you ever wondered how to stay motivated to lose weight or how to stay motivated to work out; not only does this Keto Kamp Podcast discussion with coach Jeremy explain weight loss motivation, but we also dive deep with 6 pillars to develop your dream life.

Instead, we need to realize that our journey is unique, and everyone progresses at different times in different ways. Then, Jeremy dives into how to create your dream life by following his acronym THRIVE: thoughts, habits, relationships, intentions, vitality, and enthusiasm. Tune in as Keto Kamp Academy member Anthony Lizardi joins the show to ask Jeremy about motivation and positive thinking.

// E P I S O D E S P ON S O R S

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// T I M E S T A M P S

[03:15] Getting Clear On Your Values
– So many people invest their happiness in the opinion of others. That will lead us to behave in ways that don’t align with our core values or vision.

[08:10] Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
– Instead of comparing yourself to others, turn it into inspiration.

[13:10] How To Create Your Dream Life
– The average American is overweight, depressed, and in debt.
– Average is something that Jeremy stays very far away from.
– There are six components to creating your dream life:
– 1. Thoughts
– Turn off the news
– Create an affirmation before you go to bed
– Stop judging yourself so harshly
– 2. Habits
– Our habits decide our future
– Have an accountability checklist
– Tie every action with a feeling or emotion
– 3. Relationships
– It’s powerful to have relationships in your life that level you up
– People think it’s lonely at the top; however, it doesn’t have to be
– Find people who inspire you and challenge you
– 4. Intention
– Bring more intention and presence into everything you’re doing
– It will give you a guide on what not to do
– Be fully present and fully engaged
– 5. Vitality
– Your thoughts and habits will either fuel you or strip your energy away
– What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like?
– Focused energy and attention is our most valuable commodity
– 6. Enthusiasm
– Do what you love
– Now more than ever, the world needs positive leaders
– Enthusiasm is more important than knowledge and experience

[49:50] Finding Motivation
– Motivation will get you started. However, motivation is not permanent.

[53:55] Creating Positive Thoughts
– Find the source of your negative thoughts. They come from somewhere, someone instilled them inside of you.
– Do the work. It can be uncomfortable.

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