Surprising Facts About How The Heart Works & Heart Disease Prevention | Dr Stephen Hussey

What are the best foods to prevent heart disease? We discuss why eating red meat and following a keto diet is one of the best things you can do for heart disease prevention.

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Dr. Hussey & Ben Azadi opens the show by explaining why he wrote a book about the heart. After doing some research, Dr. Hussey realized that many things people told him about the heart growing up were utterly wrong. He explains why the heart is humanity’s most medically misunderstood organ. Dr. Hussey reveals that the red meat studies don’t make much sense and why our organs prefer to burn ketones instead of glucose. Later, we dive into the importance of focusing on insulin resistance and ditching vegetable oils.

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[00:00] As A Teenager, Dr. Hussey’s A1c Levels Were 11.2

[04:00] Why Dr. Hussey Decided To Write A Book All About The Heart
– Growing up, Dr. Hussey would see posters that said, “diabetics have two to four times increased risk of heart disease.”
– So, Dr. Hussey tried to learn as much as he could about heart disease.

[10:30] Why Your Organs Prefer To Burn Fatty Acids and Ketones
– Most organs in general in the body seem to have this preference for burning fatty acids and ketones for fuel.
– Even in the presence of glucose, the heart still chooses to burn ketones and fatty acids.
– There are mechanisms in place that give the heart first dibs on fatty acids.
– Your body needs to be generating the most ATP possible because you get way more ATP burning fatty acids and ketones than you do glucose.

[13:20] Why The Red Meat Study Doesn’t Make A Lot of Sense

[15:30] What Eating Red Meat Does To Your Body – What is the best diet for heart disease? A diet with red meat!
– Red meat is one of the best foods for human beings. It’s a food that is nutrient-dense and bioavailable.
– Getting rid of animal farming is not an option for the health and future of humans.
– Humans have been eating red meat since the beginning of humans.
– There are certain nutrients that come almost exclusively from our meat and red meat.

[27:20] Does LDL Mean Anything When It Comes To All-Cause Mortality?
– Doctors say that LDL should be lower than 100. However, they started it at 250. So, we really don’t know what it’s supposed to be.
– The levels of LDL that associated with the lowest death from anything were between 117 and 160.
– The recommendation is to have it below 100. However, the highest all-cause mortality was lower than 84.
– There are studies that say higher LDL is better than a lower LDL.

[32:40] Instead of Focusing on Lower Lowering Cholesterol, Focus on Lowering Inflammation
Treat insulin resistance first. That way, inflammation will go away.
If you treat those two things first, then your LDL doesn’t matter.
The only reason LDL will become problematic is because of inflammation and insulin resistance.
There are studies that suggest that higher LDL can be beneficial. It’s all in the context of the health of the human.
Everything should be based on how you feel. If you are just checking LDL, then you are missing the bigger picture.

[37:10] The Heart Isn’t The Main Mover of Blood Within The Body

[49:00] Which Is Worse: Carbs or Vegetable Oils?
Vegetable oils will derail the metabolism in a way that ultimately causes insulin resistance.
You’re not going to be able to burn off vegetable oils as efficiently as the glucose. Instead, they’re going to cause inflammation.

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