STOP Counting Calories For Weight Loss | With Dr Don Clum

Dr Don Clum reveals how to lose weight without counting calories. Counting calories and focusing on macros is a huge distraction to what really matters; cell metabolism and hormones.

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Dr. Don Clum graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1997 with a degree in Human Nutrition. He then moved to Life Chiropractic College West in California, where he graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2000.

After graduation, Dr. Clum moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where he was invited to work with the Costa Rican Olympic Committee and Athletes. Dr. Clum participated in the National, Central American and Caribbean and Central American Games as the team chiropractor and as the official chiropractor for two professional soccer teams.

As a frequent guest on National Television and Radio, Dr. Clum was influential in bringing the gift of holistic health care to the people of Central America and worked with the government programs, instituting W.H.O. procedures and working directly with the indigenous populations of Costa Rica.

He was sought after as a speaker and has presented to various professional sports teams, universities, medical groups, medical and chiropractic schools, businesses and government agencies. Dr. Clum was instrumental in forming the first Colegio or “Board” and enacting the first legislation recognizing chiropractic as a licensed and legal healing profession in Costa Rica.

In this episode, Dr. Clum opens the show by revealing why the ‘calories in, calories out’ method of eating is bogus. Plus, he tells us how glycogen works and the reason that too many people oversimplify it. Dr. Clum explains why people who burn more calories are happier, and he gives an overview of the blood markers you should use to measure insulin health. Tune in as we chat about the problem with snacking, how to know if you’re fasting too much, and we dig deep into adrenals, insulin, and cortisol.

Does ‘Calories in vs. Calories out’ Really Matter?
– Humans are dynamic open systems.
– First of all, the accuracy for calories is fundamentally off. There’s automatically up to a 25% error rate for calories.
– Plus, our body will process calories differently depending on what they are.
– Sugars will be released into your body differently depending on your gut bacteria.

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