Should you cut calories on the ketogenic diet?

Discover how many calories you should eat on a keto diet to lose weight. You’ll also learn how to calculate keto macros for weight loss, and why focusing on cellular membrane inflammation is more important than how many calories you eat on the ketogenic diet to lose body fat.

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A lot of you are wondering if you should count calories on keto. This video reveals that calories do matter, but they aren’t important.

Focusing on calories is a distraction to what truly matters, hormones and cell metabolism.

What Ben Azadi, founder of Keto Kamp, teaches is to focus on the two macros instead, carbohydrates and protein.

Keep your total carbohydrates below 50 grams for the day. Of course, you want these keto carb macros to be from high quality sources.

Aim to consume 40-50 grams of quality animal protein with each meal.

When you pair intermittent fasting with keto, you most likely will end up cutting calories; but, there’s a big difference when you do it with fasting vs not. This video explains the difference as it comes down to counter regulatory hormones.

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