Shocking Benefits of THE CARNIVORE DIET with Chris Irvin (Keto Kamp Podcast)

You will be shocked to discover the benefits of eating a carnivore diet that consists of red meat, cholesterol and saturated fat. It turns out, carnivore is not only a great tool for weight loss, it can also heal your gut and reverse auto immune disease.


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[02:00] About Chris Irvin
– Chris recommends reading Tripping over the Truth:

[16:45] How Ketosis Helps You Build Muscle
– People think carbohydrates and insulin are required for muscle growth.
– Ketones are muscle-sparing. You don’t lose muscle with ketosis.

[21:00] How Chris Got Into Carnivore
– At first, Chris didn’t think an all-meat diet would be beneficial for people.
– After trying carnivore, he loved the way that he felt. It also changed the way that he looks at nutrition because he now prioritizes quality meat.
– Chris found that the carnivore diet gives him more strength in the gym, improves his productivity, decreases his hunger, improves his body composition, and even increases his ketone levels.
– After seeing the stories and hearing so many people who get excellent benefits from a carnivore diet, Chris thinks people can decide if it’s the right fit for them.

[26:40] Getting Vitamins And Minerals Through The Carnivore Diet
– Surprisingly, there are loads of nutrients in red meat. The most common question about carnivore is red meat bad for you, the answer is yes!
– People think that plants provide us with essential micronutrients, and cutting them out will lead to deficiencies. However, micronutrients in plants are poorly absorbed in humans.
– Ketones are able to provide the benefits that vitamin C does.

[31:45] Repairing The Gut With Carnivore Diet Meal Plan
– Gut health will improve with the carnivore diet for two reasons:
– Plants contain compounds that are toxic, and they can wreak havoc on our bodies. When we eliminate those plants, the gut can start to heal through carnivore.
– Meat will provide nutrients to help with the repair of your gut. It can repair the lining of your gut and the structure of your gut. Thus, reducing leaky gut syndrome.

[38:20] Is The Carnivore Diet Sustainable? Carnivore diet results & more
– The carnivore diet is sustainable for an extended period of time. There is no reason to think that this diet is going to be bad for us.
– If you’re talking about sustainability for enjoying the diet, then it depends on the person. For someone who likes to cook and needs more flavor, the carnivore diet can be a bit boring.
– The Carnivore Reset Challenge:

[52:20] Supplements For The Carnivore Diet
– Electrolytes will be a necessity on the carnivore diet.

[56:00] Repairing The Gut After Antibiotics
– There is a two-week minimum to try the carnivore diet to see how your digestion is responding.
– Impaired gut health will zap your energy and prevent you from feeling great. If you’re not feeling great on carnivore, then you need to stick with it longer.

[59:20] Feeling Better On Carnivore
– There should be a noticeable change that your quality of life is better on the carnivore diet. When you’re healthy, you’ll feel better.
– Digestion should improve.
– You won’t feel bloated or nauseous after meals.
– More energy and more mental clarity will also be a sign that the carnivore diet is working.

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