Perfect Keto Mallow Munch Marshmallow Crisp Bar

Perfect Keto just launched a totally new product line: Mallow Munch Bars. And these treats will make all your crispy, crunchy snack dreams come true.

Halloween Sale (ends 10/31/2021):
Direct Link:

You can grab them in three delicious flavors:

☁️Marshmallow ☁️
🍫Chocolate 🍫
🥜Peanut Butter 🥜

Other crispy cereal bars are a fright fest of sugar, carbs, and Frankenfoods (like corn syrup and vegetable oils).

Mallow Munch Bars are the FIRST completely clean, keto-friendly bar that delivers on that nostalgic, crispy-crunchy texture and sweetness with:

❌No rice or grains
❌No artificial flavors
❌No vegetable oils
❌No added sugar
❌No corn
❌No soy

And each bar is only 80 calories and 2g net carbs! I promise, there’s no tricks here, just treats:

2g Net Carbs = 13g Total Carbs – 6g Fiber – 5g Allulose – 0g Sugar Alcohol

Snag some for yourself and save 25% site-wide during Perfect Keto’s Halloween Sale (ends 10/31/2021).

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