Pan-seared cod in salsa with queso fresco

Fish is an excellent source of protein that can be prepared quickly in a hot skillet. The cod is lightly seasoned, seared, and then simmered in salsa.

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Are Appetite Suppressants Enough to Make a Person Lose Weight?

People obsessing about losing extra pounds must have already encountered so many weight loss food programs that restrict particular kinds of food, limit the number of calories they should consume in a day, or only allow ‘natural’ sustenance in their diets. But then again, there are those who want quick fixes, like appetite suppressants that limit food intake of a person in a rather rigid manner, with the user supposedly having no choice but not to eat. For example, the popular phenylpropanolamine (PPA), an appetite suppressant, acts on a person’s hypothalamus, otherwise known as the…

The Possible Health Risks Associated With Fat Loss Diets

There are several risks associated with fat loss diets. One of the most common risks revolved around muscle depletion. While it is great to shed those unwanted pounds, it is possible to lose muscle mass and strength. This is especially true for those that are simply on a restricted diet or weight regimen.

Is Speed That Important in Weight Loss?

Actually, anyone should be given a heads-up with regard to weight loss programs online that promote rapid losing of weight. The warning is, like everything else that is done fast, fast losing of weight is not something that really holds for long.

Are Appetite Suppressors the Best Weight Loss Solution?

Losing weight has been something that Americans and most Westerners have been fascinated with over the past decades. This fascination has led to a point of obsession, where people who have successfully lost weight have become objects of admiration.

The 4 Main Goals a Personal Trainer Must Have for a Client to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals!

Most people worldwide, have taken up the reduction of their body mass, as measure to rectify their health status and also improve their fitness. All individuals have different reasons behind the idea of losing weight regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional, Apart from sporting activities, there are reasons which people put into consideration when losing weight. For instance, on can decide to lose weight, so as to reduce the risks of being infected by diseases such as obesity, heart diseases along with stroke and many more among others.

Natural Weight Loss Foods You Should Add To Your Grocery Shopping List

Want to lose some weight for you and your family and don’t know where to start? Here are some great foods you should put on your grocery shopping list today to get started living a healthier life. Get to know why these foods are so good for you and make a change, starting now.

Calculating The Amount Of Calories To Lose Weight

Calories play a significant role in the health of each individual. Your total caloric need is the amount of calories required in a day in order to maintain the right weight. Calculating the right amount of calories is essential to any weight loss program or to your weight management.

Lose Baby Weight – Three Simple Steps to Keeping It Off

Losing baby weight is a challenge! But, as a mother of two, I know 3 steps to help you lose!

Fear of Weight Regain – Part 3 – Taming of The Bull

Change takes time. It can be uncomfortable and even messy. Change takes personal effort and energy. It takes practice to carve some time for yourself, to value yourself and to nurture and accept where you are.

Correlation Between Weight Loss and Personal Image

Personal image advice is very important during and after weight loss. This is so because majority of the people that lose weight are somewhat confused on how to manage their newfound body sizes and shapes. In today’s world, losing weight is no longer a difficult task to accomplish.

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