Olive Oil Expert Reveals How to Find REAL Olive Oil | TJ Robinson

The olive oil expert, TJ Robinson, shares why supermarket olive oil might be fake, and how to find real olive oil for incredible healing benefits on the keto diet. In this interview you’ll learn why cooking with extra virgin olive oil is a great idea, and the myths behind smoke points.


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[00:00] There’s A Lot of Fraud In The Olive Oil Industry: What You Need To Know
The mafia has learned that instead of dealing with illegal drugs, they can take olive oil and do things to it.
People use substandard olive oil and add a little bit of decent quality olive oil to it enough to pass a lab test.
Fraud in the olive oil industry has been happening for a really long time.
During a study, 70% of olive oils came back as not meeting the quality standards of extra-virgin.
Most Americans don’t know what great olive oil tastes like.

[07:40] Olive Oils Are Being Cut With Inflammatory Oils Like Canola Oil
You have to be very careful when you buy an olive oil blend.
Make sure to read labels in the grocery store very carefully.
Olive oil can be in a fancy bottle, with a fancy label and a high price tag. However, look at the back, and you might see that it’s actually a blend.
It could be a blend of soybean oil or sunflower oil, but it’s being sold as extra virgin olive oil.
More often than not, it’s a lower grade of oil that’s being sold as an extra virgin oil.

[10:10] Tips For Buying Olive Oil In A Grocery Store
Always look for olive oil in dark glass; the dark glass helps protect the oil.
Glass bottles are preferable.
You also want to look for a harvest date on the olive oil bottle.
Most bottles won’t have a harvest date on them.
Look for oils that have a third-party certification.

[15:50] How A Professional Taster Would Examine Olive Oil Quality
A professional taster would taste out of small blue glass cups.
Blue disguises the color of the olive oil.
Color is not an indicator of quality.
Many fraudulent olive oils will be cut with seed oils, but also add chlorophyll to adjust the color.
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[34:40] You Can Get A $39 Bottle of Olive Oil For Only $1
There’s a myth that you cannot cook with olive oil; that’s completely false.
You want to use high-quality olive oil because of the antioxidants and the polyphenols. Can you cook with extra virgin olive oil, yes! Study revealed why smoke point doesn’t matter, instead pay attention to smoke point. Here is the study: http://bit.ly/2XMU9jQ
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[46:50] There’s No Commitment: Try T.J.’s Olive Oil Today
1 tablespoon per meal will completely change your health.

[52:30] How To Use Olive Oil When You Are Intermittent Fasting
If you want to fast for longer, then take a shot of olive oil.
Olive oil doesn’t break your fast, and it actually could support the fast because of the antioxidants and polyphenols.
One of the ways to actually create new brain cells is through olive oil.
If you want to be more resilient and creative, olive oil can be your biohack.

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