Metabolic testing masterclass — Diet Doctor Podcast with Kirsty Woods

Kirsty Woods explains the best tests to check your metabolic health and what you can do to improve your health today!

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:54 What is indirect calorimetry?
5:50 What is basal and resting metabolic rate?
7:39 Why do we want to avoid decreased metabolic rate?
13:52 How Kirsty uses testing in her clinic?
19:44 Indirect calorimetry and intermittent fasting
25:51 What the bioimpedance scale tells us
30:02 The big three pillars of exercise types
35:52 Accessibility of this metabolic test
39:19 About the different body composition tests
46:16 The role of supplements for healthier weight loss
48:39 About bariatric surgery
52:09 Where to find Kirsty Woods

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