Metabolic Health and nutrition – Past, present and future — Diet Doctor Podcast

Our four experts discuss the importance of metabolic health, the role of nutrition for improving metabolic health, and how we can best educate others about this crucial health topic. With Drs. Nick Norwitz, Ethan Weiss, Ted Naiman and Michael Mindrum.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Nick Norwitz, PhD
2:47 Nick Norwitz as the future of metabolic health
6:10 Nick’s near death experience
12:33 The quality of the current scientific evidence
14:11 Defining metabolic health
17:22 Metabolic Health according to Dr. Ted Naiman
20:39 Metabolic health according to Dr. Michael Mindrum
27:26 Metabolic health according to Dr. Ethan Weiss
33:10 Dr. Naiman on teaching nutrition
36:13 Nick Norwitz in the statement “Doctors aren’t paid to be curious”
39:20 Nick on his future role and specialties
42:13 Dr. Mindrum on “Doctors aren’t paid to be curious”
47:00 Nick on the role of social media to educate people
50:34 Dr. Naiman on the role of social media
52:17 Dr. Mindrum on the role of social media
54:40 Dr. Weiss on the role of social media
58:00 The future of metabolic health and nutrition research
1:04:06 Conclusion

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