Master Your Blood Sugar with a Continuous Glucose Monitor | w/ Kara Collier from Nutrisense

Kara Collier Nutrisense dietitian reveals everything you want to know about Nutrisense glucose monitor. Discover why a continuous glucose monitor is the best way to track glucose.

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[00:00] Why Kara Got Involved In The CGM Industry

[06:35] What You Need To Know Before Getting A CGM

[10:45] What Should Your Blood Glucose Levels Be?
– When you’re thinking about fasting glucose, Kara recommends 70 to 90 range milligrams per deciliter.
– If you Google, “what’s a healthy fasting glucose level?” It will probably tell you 70 to 100. There is research that indicates when we get to that 90 to 100 range, we’re starting to see some increased risks. Shoot for 70 – 90 most of the time.
– After a meal, we want to see it returned back to baseline values, usually in that two-hour mark.
– Check how high your levels went after you ate – aim for 140 or less. On a keto diet, it shouldn’t go above 120.

[15:00] Insulin Mediated Glucose Responses And Non-Insulin Mediated Glucose Responses After Exercise
– Our glucose can spike, and our body can deal with that glucose spike without utilizing insulin.
– The spike we get from exercise happens after a very high-intensity workout, or you’re doing something rather strenuous.
– It makes sense that you’re going to have a glucose spike because your current supply of energy in the body is not enough to meet the demands that you’re placing it under.
– With exercise, we’re simulating stress hormones, but we’re also breaking down glycogen stores.
– The exercise is demanding energy, and it’s getting used right away. The reason your body is stimulating a glucose response with high-intensity exercise is that it needs it.

[20:35] When You Are Chronically Sleep Deprived, You Will Have Higher Levels of Cortisol The Next Morning
– When we think about optimizing glucose values, we always talk about diet, exercise, stress, and sleep; they’re equal components of the picture.
– Sleep is something we really have to pay attention to.
– Poor glucose levels will affect the quality of your sleep.
– Also, a bad night of sleep is definitely going to affect your glucose values the next day.

[24:30] What Happens When You Break A Fast With A High Carbohydrate Meal
– There’s a lot of psychology that goes on with fasting – people will have a cheat meal after fasting. When you do that, you ruin most of the benefits.
– Eating carbs after a fast is not a good strategy.
– Instead, break a fast with protein. The longer the fast, the stricter you want to be.

[26:40] Why You Should Go For A Walk After You Eat A Meal
– Walking after a meal can really dramatically stabilize glucose values.
– Most of our circulating glucose in the system is going to get picked up by the skeletal muscle.

[28:30] Other Biohacks You Can Do To Decrease Glucose Levels
– Cold and heat exposure work in different ways. Both will lower glucose over time.
– Cold therapy will stimulate brown fat.
– When you’re hot and sweating a lot, that might cause the glucose to be elevated during the sauna session, but it should lower glucose values overall later in the day.
– The benefits we get from exercising can be duplicated when we also are doing sauna therapy.
– In addition, berberine is the most beneficial supplement for lowering glucose values.
– Plus, apple cider vinegar will help lower glucose values. Try a little bit of vinegar with water before a meal. You can also drizzle it on a salad.

[33:30] The Dawn Phenomenon: What You Can Do About It

[45:25] What To Expect When Working With NutriSense
– When you join NutriSense, you’ll receive a CGM.

We hope you enjoy this Nutrisense CGM Kara Collier Podcast!

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