Maria Emmerich | How to Follow the Keto Carnivore Diet

Discover how to follow a keto/carnivore diet with Maria Emmerich; she is the author of several cookbooks and three nutritional guidebooks, including the bestseller “Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet.”

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Maria Emmerich dives into her story and why she started living a ketogenic lifestyle. Plus, Maria reveals the inspiration behind her viral keto cookbooks, which, by the way, Halle Berry follows her work! Maria speaks about how the carnivore diet has helped her husband with his Lyme disease. Tune in as we talk about oxidative priority, and Maria reveals her favorite protein sources.

You’ll learn the oxidative priority by Maria Emmerich, is the carnivore diet and is meat bad for you, and the keto recipes.

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[08:10] About Maria Emmerich
– At 16, Maria was not feeling well. She went to the doctor and found out she had PCOS. Maria left the appointment with a few bottles of prescription drugs.
– As soon as Maria cut the grains and sugar, her depression went away in days.

[12:30] How Maria Got Into Cookbooks
– Maria was told she couldn’t have children with PCOS. So, they adopted instead.
– During the adoption process, Maria’s husband lost his job. Unfortunately, they lost their house, cars, and the adoption process needed to start over.
– Maria’s friend suggested that she put her recipes in a book and help raise money for the adoption. The book sales went wild!
– Now, Maria writes so people can see low-carb as a lifestyle.

[16:50] Cookbooks Going Viral and Talking To Halle Berry
– Halle and Maria connected together on social media because Halle is a fan of her work.
– Now, Maria writes for Halle’s website.
– Also, watch out for more from Maria and Halle – it’s coming soon!
– Another one of Maria’s cookbooks was on a baking show.
– Plus, Al Roker was making her recipe on The Today Show.

[19:00] Getting Into The Carnivore Diet
– We evolve as we get older, and our diets get different. Now, Maria does not eat 100% carnivore.
– Maria’s husband was diagnosed with Lyme disease. He tried carnivore and felt so much better.
– Animal protein is where the nutrients are. Maria will add garlic and onions for flavor, not nutrients.

[26:35] About Oxidative Priority
– Your body prioritizes different fuels. In order, Maria lists how our body will prioritize what we consume.
– The Top Six:
– 1. Alcohol
– 2. Exogenous ketones
– 3. Carbohydrates
– 4. Protein
– 5. Fat
– 6. Body fat
– Cut the alcohol, stop wasting money on exogenous ketones, and ditch the carbohydrates. Then, you can focus on eating protein so you can build muscle.
– If your goal is to burn body fat, then eat less fat.
– If you’re an athlete, eat more fat to get more energy.
– If you are working on mental wellbeing, eat more fat.

[35:10] Maria’s Favorite Sources of Protein
– Filet mignon
– Halibut
– Venison
– Eggs
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