Making stress work for you with HORMESIS | Hormesis explained with Dr Daniel Pompa

What is hormesis? Dr Daniel Pompa opens the show by explaining hormesis and the importance of stress on our bodies. There’s something called the hormetic zone; once you understand how it works, it can completely change your health.

[00:00] Understanding Hormesis with Ben Azadi & Dr Pompa: It Will Change The Way You Think About Stress
The definition of hormesis is ultimately, hormesis is about how we apply stressors and actually change the functionality of our bodies.
There’s something called the hormetic zone when you nail it, and you can drive healing in the body.
All these positive things come out of hormesis; it will change the way you think about everything.
Hormesis refers to adaptive responses of biological systems to moderate environmental or self-imposed challenges through which the system improves its functionality and tolerance to more severe challenges.

[06:55] How Hormetics Increase Homeodynamics Through Exercise
Aging, senescence, and death are the final manifestations of the failure of homeodynamics.
When you don’t adapt, then you bring on death much faster in the form of senescence cells.
Exercise is the best way to increase homeodynamics.

[11:25] How Do I Know My Hormetic Zone When It Comes To Exercise?
If you haven’t exercised in a while, then you’ll be sore the next day. That means you went over the hormetic zone.
You can either exercise too little, or you can stress your body too much.
People want to exercise when they’re sick; however, your body’s ability to adapt to stress is very low during sickness.
If you feel tired the next day, then you are doing too much exercise.
You need to get your body to adapt to higher levels of stress.

[16:40] Examples of Physical Hormetins That Will Create Stress
These are examples of hormetins that will create stress:
Thermal shock
Heat has been shown to mimic the effects of exercise on the body.
Cold activates protective brown fat in the body and can lead to weight loss.

[26:20] Fasting Is A Stress That Applies To Hormesis
Fasting is one of the most significant stressors that we can apply to hormesis.
When you understand the principle of hormesis, you definitely will look at fasting differently.
A lot of people are fasting too much. If you fast too much, you can decrease immunity and lose muscle.
Fasting shouldn’t be the same for everyone – you don’t want to over-stress yourself with fasting.

[39:10] Types of Block Fasts and Where Should I Start?
There are benefits to longer fasts.
Water-only fasts have been happening for thousands of years. It’s one of the purest forms of fasting. It forces higher levels of autophagy.
You shouldn’t do a water fast unless you are fat-adapted or you’re experienced with fasting.

[56:10] Fasting For Fertility – Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?
Fasting is the greatest hormetic stress known to man.
We’ve seen miracles hormonally happen with fasting.
However, fasting has to be applied correctly for it to work.
If you’re a woman who is looking to be more fertile than the five days right before your cycle would be critical.
Feast/famine monthly will change the body hormonally.
Feasting is creating new healthy cells.

[58:30] Make Sure You Vary Your Diet Based On The Season
Dr Daniel Pompa keto is a great tool to flex in and out of ketosis.
Diet variation can be done seasonally or monthly.
Plus, you should go in and out of ketosis.
Some people do four diet changes a year based on the season.
Dr. Pompa will change his diet based on boredom and travel.
You can throw in a carnivore diet to mix up your microbiome.

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