Ketone testing masterclass — Diet Doctor Podcast with Trey Suntrup, PhD

Are you curious about why you should test your ketones? Or what is the best method for you? Or how you should interpret the results? In this episode with Trey Suntrup, PhD, we delve into these discussions.

This conversation is a real masterclass, covering everything you need to know about ketone testing and more.

0:00 Introduction
2:15 What are ketones? Why measure them?
8:16 Measuring ketones on a low-carb diet
10:00 The different ways to measure ketones
18:23 Are BHB and acetone prone to the same problem as acetoacetate?
21:29 The ‘sweet spot’ level of ketones for maximum fat burning
24:56 Trey’s study on breath monitoring
27:53 Factors that cause some variations of ketone levels
31:40 Correlation between the acetone measurement and the blood BHB level
37:23 Ketone measuring devices and their accuracy
39:33 The future of ketone testing
44:37 General ranges of nutritional ketosis vs fasting
48:36 Advice to people looking into ketone monitoring
52:49 Where to find the studies discussed in this episode

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