Ketogenic diets and their applications with Dr. Susan Wolver – Diet Doctor Podcast

Ketogenic diets work well to help people lose weight and improve their diabetes. Dr. Susan Wolver has both a clinical and research perspective on these benefits. She shares her wisdom and her journey to help us all learn how to make a keto diet work in a weight loss program.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
2:28 Dr Wolver’s personal journey to obesity medicine
8:35 About Dr. Wolver’s recent study
15:47 The challenges of the low-carb program in the study
23:28 The findings of the study
30:48 The remission of type 2 diabetes
41:53 What’s next on Dr. Wolver’s research journey
45:00 Lipidology and low carb

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Raspberry Ketone Diet – How Can It Help You to Lose Weight

Raspberry ketone diet refers to a diet prepared from raspberry ketone which is a natural compound found in red raspberry. Raspberry ketones are primarily used in perfume industry and their weight loss characteristics have only been recently discovered.

What Controls Your Ability To Lose Weight?

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle or temporary. You can achieve long term success more effortlessly than you ever dreamed of by learning the underlying cause of being over weight.

A New Crazy Belly Fat-Burning Workout

When you get stuck and just cannot seem to shift those last stubborn traces of belly fat, then maybe it is time to shock your body and include these cool tips into your training routine. Idea #1 – The weights / cardio high intensity 60 seconds combo workout…

Is Goal Setting Really That Important to Weight Loss

I’m sure you’ve heard many times how important setting goals or targets is to achieving what you want but do you really realise the importance. You see, the problem is that we hear about goals all the time and they end up getting a bit lost because of that. This is called the law of familiarity, where we are so used to something be said and, although we know we should, we don’t do anything about it.

Tasty Foods That Fight Off Cravings And Help Burn Fat

This article discusses and reviews some healthy foods that can help to fight off bad food cravings. Several tasty and healthy alternatives to junk food are discussed.

I’ve Tried Everything

In my line of work I am often faced with people that give out nothing but reasons as to why they can’t do something. Well they may call it a reason, me, I call them excuses. They’ll say things like “I have tried everything to lose weight and nothing works”. This always finds me coming back with a one-word reply “Everything?”

Tips on Maintaining Good Nutrition

Getting rid of stress that makes you look awful can be very difficult. Good nutrition is the best way for you to achieve this goal, and this is not something we think about all the time. It can be time-consuming, but very beneficial for us in relieving ourselves of the daily stress we often don’t manage to get rid of.

Foods That Help Burn Fat

People who are watching their diet may be excluding foods that they think would only cause their bodies to gain weight. However, recent findings indicate that some of the foods that they do not eat may actually help them to lose weight. People today need to rediscover what types of food facilitate the metabolic process of their body.

Gastric Plication: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today there are several types of bariatric surgeries that promise to significantly reduce the BMI of chronically obese patients. The different types of bariatric surgeries include the Gastric Bypass, the Lap-Band surgery, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Vertical Banded Gastroplasty and newer procedures called Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Plication.

Food and Losing Weight

There are lots of people who starve themselves in order to lose weight. Dieting does not mean abstaining from food because this can be detrimental to the health of people. Individuals may lose weight without giving up food. However, they will have to choose the right kind of foods that they can include in their diet.

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