Keto Chocolate Bars! 2.0

Better, delicious, KETO CHOCOLATE BARS! A new method and helpful new ingredients.
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Pure Natural Miracles was nice enough to provide me the Cocoa Powder in this video! Here is their information:

Instagram Page:
Free ingredient giveaway for you guys!!:

Other ingredients in this video:

*note* Powdered sweetener is slightly grainy. If this is a problem for you I would recommend liquid allulose:
Replace the 1/2 cup of sweetener to 1/4 of liquid sweetener if you choose this.

Cocoa Butter:

1 & 1/2 Cup – Cacao Butter
1 & 1/4 Cup – Cacao Powder
To taste Sweetener of your choice. (Best results have been with liquid Allulose. Not shown in video but here is a link:

Step 1
Heat Sous Vide 115ºF/46.1ºC.

Step 2
Add all ingredients to a zip-close plastic bag and let sit there until it is fully melted. About 5 minutes.

Step 3
Take chocolate out and gently squish it around in the bag. Place bag back into hot water.

Step 4
Reduce temperature setting to 81ºF/27.2 ºC. Add ice to drop the temp watching the effect so you don’t reduce the temperature too much. When water reaches 81ºF/27.2ºC, increase setting on the Sous Vide to 90ºF/32.2ºC. Water will come up to temperature pretty quickly. Let chocolate stay at this temperature for 5 minutes, taking back out every minute and gently squishing contents around (this distributes the crystals that keep the chocolate from getting streaky).

Finishing Step: Holding

After 5 minutes, remove the bag from the water. Dry completely, then snip the tiniest bit off the corner to use for piping. Pour into the desired mold or cover some keto fruit like strawberries or blueberries! Clean up is a snap. Just use the bags like pastry bags, then toss.

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