I have been receiving questions on why we need to use egg whites and not whole eggs for making keto bread. So today, I am going to show you the differences of using egg whites and whole eggs.

First of all, why do we need eggs in keto bread? Eggs works as a binder, provides bulk, structure and moisture as well. How much eggs we use would depend on the type of low carb flour and its quantity. For example, coconut flour is very absorbent hence, it needs more eggs while other flour may need less.

Regular wheat flour is light and rises so well due to the protein from gluten. On the other hand, low carb flours are non-gluten and contains more fats as they are made from seeds, nuts and coconut. Hence, keto bread tends to be heavier, denser and they do not rise as much as regular bread even with baking powder and yeast. That is why by adding more protein into the bread, it will help to boost the rise. And when the bread rises more, it will be lighter, softer and fluffier.

All this while, I have been recommending to use egg whites instead of whole eggs for making keto bread because the protein from egg whites helps to boost the rise of the dough while the fats from the yolks hinders the rise. Additionally, using egg whites will also make the bread look lighter in color and prevent any eggy taste.

Both versions with egg whites and whole eggs will rise as the latter still contains some egg whites. It is just a matter of how much they rise which will ultimately affect the texture. So if you prefer to use whole eggs, feel free to do so. I know that there are people who love eggs and they don’t even mind the eggy taste. This video is just to show you the differences for better understanding so that you can choose which option to go for.

In this video, I used my latest Keto LSA Bread (V2.0) recipe which is made from Linseed or Flaxseed, Sunflower Seed and Almond. Here’s the link to watch the video –

If you choose to use egg whites, here are some ways that you could use the leftover egg yolks;

1. Scrambled eggs (add some whole eggs)
2. Steam eggs (add some whole eggs)
3. Low carb fried rice
4. Egg tarts
5. Crème Brule
6. Egg custard
7. Ice cream
8. Pasta sauce
9. French Buttercream
10. Lemon Curd
11. Caesar salad sauce
12. Hollandaise sauce
13. Mayonnaise
14. Flan
15. Indonesian layer cake
16. Lemon bars
17. Lemon tarts
18. Aioli
19. Chewy cookies
20. Salted Eggs (Cured eggs)

If you have any other suggestions, do leave a comment below.

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