IS FRUIT KETO? Answers to questions about fruit allowed on the keto diet

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Answering a common question on the keto diet – Is fruit Keto??? I get asked this a lot and the answer is mostly yes, but a little bit of no – it depends on the fruit. There are lots of fruits that are keto friendly – any fruit that is low in net carbs and sugar is technically keto friendly. From berries to pumpkin there are many keto approved fruits that are allowed on a low carb diet.



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03:49 Raspberries
04:17 Blackberries
04:53 Blueberries
05:19 Keto Fruit Salad
06:28 Avocados
07:08 Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Avocados
08:26 Tomatoes
09:42 Keto Pizza Sauce
11:28 Cucumber
11:57 Cucumber Salmon Bites
12:50 Coconut
14:49 Peppers
15:52 Pumpkin & Squash
16:56 Olives
17:23 Green Olive & Garlic Alfredo
18:39 Green Beans
18:57 Bacon & Green Beans


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