Is Adrenaline Dominance at the Root Cause of Your Symptoms? | Dr Michael Platt

Dr Michael Platt reveals the root cause of many symptoms such as fibromyalgia anxiety, ADHD, depression, and more can be tied to having too much adrenaline. His solution is using natural progesterone cream and eating a ketogenic diet with plenty of veggies.

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[00:00] Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness
People don’t realize that men and women have identical hormones.

So, Dr. Platt thought that maybe there was a connection between progesterone and insulin. When Dr. Platt started using progesterone cream, he never got sleepy again while driving.

[03:25] What Exactly Adrenaline Is and How It Works In The Body
Adrenaline is both a hormone as well as a neurotransmitter.
Fibromyalgia is caused by excess adrenaline. When people have fibromyalgia, one of the main things they complain about is fatigue.
People with too much adrenaline are also low in the thyroid, which can contribute to fatigue.

[08:35] What’s The Correlation Between People With ADHD and People With High Levels of Adrenaline?
What’s nice about adrenaline is that it is a neurotransmitter; it gives people intelligence.
ADHD is all about adrenaline. The most intelligent, successful creative people in the world have ADHD; it’s not bad.

[15:00] Will A Keto Lifestyle Help Reduce Adrenaline In The Body?
The brain requires two different fuels to function: glucose and ketones.
By providing ketones to the brain and glucose, you can get a significant drop in the release of adrenaline within 24 hours.
Road rage is caused by adrenaline. You can get rid of road rage in just 24 hours.
Ketones will balance out adrenaline.

[19:20] Dr. Platt Reveals Some Major Signs That You Have Too Much Adrenaline
People with high adrenaline are quick to anger because adrenaline is an anger hormone.
Adrenaline is a survival hormone. As a survival hormone, it cuts off blood supply to certain areas of the body that are not needed for survival.
People with a lot of adrenaline will almost always have tension to the back of the neck.

[28:35] There Are A Few Strategies You Can Use To Lower Adrenaline Levels
The best way of tapering down adrenaline is eating correctly.
Ketones are a great way to lower adrenaline. Also, glucose from vegetables will be useful as well.
Progesterone will block adrenaline.
If somebody already has insulin resistance and takes progesterone, it will increase the insulin resistance in the brain.

[32:00] Not Many Doctors Are Talking About Adrenaline – Dr. Platt Gives His Thoughts

[34:00] Progesterone Cream Can Help With Adrenaline, Here’s How To Use It
What are the benefits of using progesterone cream?
There’s a type of headache called occipital neuritis. This causes excruciating headaches, and it is always mistaken for migraines.
This type of headache is only caused by excess adrenaline cranial pressure.
You can get rid of ADHD with progesterone cream.

[38:00] Endogenous Depression Can Go Away When You Lower Adrenaline Levels

[41:45] It’s Time To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

[44:55] Dr. Platt Has Recommendations For Boosting Your Immune System
The whole approach to COVID has to be the immune system.
One of the most effective ways of dealing with COVID is a high dose of vitamin D.
We can’t convert sunlight to vitamin D anymore.
Dr. Platt recommends vitamin D in powder form.
Also, 10,000 units of vitamin D prevents sunburn.
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Purchase Dr Michael Platt’s progesterone cream: use the code KETO10 at checkout

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