Intermittent fasting: Clinical pearls and precautions — Diet Doctor Podcast

Intermittent fasting has become one of the hottest health trends. But not all fasting is the same. Three experts discuss the tips and tricks you need to know to increase the chance of a safe and effective fasting routine.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:23 Kevin Gendreau, MD
2:34 Dr. Gendreau’s personal journey with fasting
6:51 Fasting vs time-restricted eating (TRE)
10:43 The concern with eating disorder
15:12 The perception of fasting in the obesity medicine
20:01 Fasting as a quick fix?
25:47 Cyhthia Thurlow
26:38 Fasting for health benefit for woman
31:44 Different timeframes of fasting
36:35 Under eating protein and how to mitigate
42:13 Fasting and menstrual period
48:02 Cynthia’s new book launch
48:59 Steve Phinney, MD, PhD
50:38 Definitions of intermittent fasting and TRE
57:15 Naturally adapting to TRE
1:01:48 The risk of muscle loss with fasting
1:18:34 Dr. Phinney’s clinical recommendations to patients
1:23:33 Dr. Scher’s conclusion from the interview with Dr. Phinney
1:24:43 Closing

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