How to UPGRADE KETOSIS with kava

Discover how to upgrade ketosis with kava. KAVA is excellent for reducing cortisol, appetite, glucose, and inflammation. Check out the products here and use code “KETOKAMP”:

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In this episode, Cameron dives into the story of his autoimmune/nervous system condition that led him to discover the excellent medicinal benefits of KAVA. Cameron touches on how KAVA can positively affect those suffering from an autoimmune disease and he explains the benefits KAVA can have on everyone. Stay tuned as Cameron speaks about maximizing the benefits of KAVA and what makes TRU KAVA unique.

// T I M E S T A M P S

[01:00] About Cameron George
– This eventually led him to discover the excellent medicinal benefits of “true” KAVA, a potent plant-based anxiety-reducing nootropic drink from islands in the south pacific.

[28:00] How KAVA Can Benefit People With Autoimmune Diseases
– To understand KAVA, it’s best to look at it from a philosophical perspective first. KAVA plays a protective role in ecology. It creates a lot of chemical compounds to protect itself and the other organisms around it.
– KAVA has anti-inflammatory action and anticonvulsant action. Autoimmunity is trauma from the gut and psyche. Because of KAVA’s anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant actions, it is helpful for people with autoimmune issues.
– KAVA will calm the nervous system and the immune system. It’s a broad spectrum natural protective substance that protects us from inflammation.

[32:50] Using KAVA To Handle Stress
– All disease comes from stress.
– Whether it be physical, chemical, or emotional – you need to be exposed to only adaptable stress.
– We need tools and strategies that can increase our resilience to all forms of stress.
– KAVA is not the only tool. However, it’s a critical intervention tool that calms down the storm inside our body during trauma.
– Instead of turning to alcohol, KAVA can help give us an acute therapeutic crutch.
– Stress will put us in a state of fear and distort reality – KAVA will help alleviate the stress.

[36:00] How KAVA Can Affect Cortisol
– KAVA can help metabolic flexibility – it will reduce cortisol and reactivity in the body.
– People who combine coffee and KAVA found that their blood glucose levels go down significantly.
– On average KAVA will drop glucose below the baseline.
– Outside of cortisol reduction, KAVA is a full-spectrum adaptative substance. It will put the body in a hyper fasted state.

[43:10] Maximizing The Effects of KAVA
– You can maximize the effects of KAVA by drinking it with coffee.
– Have some of the coffee then put KAVA under your tongue as well.
– The KAVA shots are stronger – they will enhance creativity. There’s a spectrum of strength depending on which product you are looking at.

[44:20] How TRU KAVA is Unique
– The main differentiating factor is that TRU KAVA only uses 100% root material.
– Many products have the leaves and stems in them. They can actually be quite toxic to humans and cause a lot of problems.
– TRU KAVA never uses solids to extract anything. The reason people use this is that they get high yields.
– Some KAVA strains are for daily use, whereas others are not considered for everyday use. TRU KAVA will confirm that the strains are for daily use.

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