How to Support Your Thyroid With Ketosis & Fasting | Dr Rebecca Warren

Can you do the ketogenic diet & intermittent fasting with a thyroid issue? Dr Rebecca Warren shares how you can support your thyroid with ketosis & fasting.

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[00:00] About Dr. Warren And Her Passion For The Thyroid
– At 19, Dr. Warren found out that she had cancer. However, it was the “good” cancer to have, thyroid cancer.
– Well, the doctors were ready to have her thyroid cut out, and Dr. Warren had the surgery done.
– Eventually, Dr. Warren found keto and fasting to change the healing process in her body.

[10:30] An Overview Of The Thyroid + What To Know About Reverse T3
Thyroid lab tests explained by Dr Warren.
– The hypothalamus is a thyroid-releasing hormone; it goes from the hypothalamus to the pituitary and the pituitary to the thyroid.
– When we talk about carbs, fat, and ketosis, it all goes back to the hypothalamus.
– The hypothalamus is the master control center of all the hormones, not just your thyroid hormones, but all hormones.
– The Reverse T3 (RT3) Test is one that Dr. Warren recommends. Many doctors have an issue with it. RT3 is an inflammatory marker that gives you a good idea of how your body responds to stressors.

[18:10] Can You Do Keto And Fasting With A Thyroid Issue?
– Listen to what your body is telling you to do.
– Getting in ketosis can decrease free T3 – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
– People think they need carbs for free T3. However, you make more free T3 to deal with inefficiencies when it comes to metabolism.
– Your blood work might show that your free T3 is low, but your body knows that it doesn’t need it as much.
– Remember, the hypothalamus will regulate what’s going on within our body.
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[26:00] The Benefits To Using Keto For Thyroid Health Support
– One benefit of keto is cell receptor sensitivity.
– Inflammation in the gut will make thyroid issues worse. So, keto will change the gut microbiome for the better.
– T3 goes down with keto, so there is less demand on the thyroid. Now, you can detox the body!

[29:50] The Benefits To Using Fasting For Thyroid Support
– Fasting is beautiful for coming off high-dose medications.
– When people start fasting, their cell receptor sensitivity will change. Then, they will need fewer medications.
– When you start fasting, you will become more sensitive and need less medicine. Having adverse reactions is a good thing! It means your body is changing, and it’s getting better.
– Also, fasting can affect antibody levels because of what is happening in the gut. Plus, fasting is great for the immune system.

[35:15] Why It Is Dangerous To Stay In Ketosis Long-Term For Thyroid Function
– The hypothalamus will control all of your hormones. Ketosis is a stressor that will heal your body. However, it’s still a stressor. This usually causes thyroid problems in women, and the thyroid treatment is to flex in and out of ketosis.
– When we stay in sympathetic for too long, we get signals of survival. If we are in ketosis for too long, we will go into survival mode.
– When we are in survival mode, our thyroid will shut down.
– Having flex days will tell your body that there is no stressor. Now, your body can utilize your carbs to produce hormones in your thyroid. If you’ve been wondering does low carb diets effect thyroid health, the answer is yes.

[42:50] Finding Doctors + Health Practitioners On Your Healing Journey
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