Discover how to quickly reverse insulin resistance. You’ll learn what is insulin resistance, how insulin works, the 5 best foods for insulin sensitivity, and how to overcome a blood sugar problem.

Insulin resistance can be reversed. Whether you are dealing with prediabetes, diabetes or full blown insulin resistance; this video provides 5 easy tips to reverse insulin resistance.

00:38 What is insulin resistance

02:19 Remove these inflammatory vegetable oils.

Western diets consisting of high level of omega-6 fatty acids (predominantly from corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean oil) and sugar in the form of fructose play a key role in the development of MetS which include insulin resistance/impaired glucose tolerance
Omega-3 deficiency and associated health issues a result of modern agriculture focused on increased production of vegetable oils

Study replaced 80% of fish oil fed to Atlantic salmon with different vegetable oils: rapeseed, olive, or soy bean.
Soybean oil particularly lowered omega-3 and increased omega-6 PUFA levels in salmon and in mice blood samples; Also increased insulin resistance and fat in the liver

03:25 The 5 best foods for insulin resistance

Diet high in MUFA (i.e. olive oil, avocados, macadamia, etc.) may lead to improvements in IR (+ fat/weight loss) versus diets higher in SFAs
Through increased fat oxidation rates
SFA foods are also high in oleic acid, but olive oil higher
Diet high in omega-6 PUFA may promote IR, inflammation, obesity versus diets higher in omega-3 PUFAs

Olive oil promising for multiple health benefits include antidiabetic effects, and improving insulin sensitivity
Improved diabetes related outcomes: glucose control, HbA1c, HOMA, reduced complications, reduced type 2 DM incidence

My favorite olive oil:

04:56 Intermittent fasting for insulin resistance

Intermittent fasting improves health through its benefits for weight loss.
After 5 weeks of controlled diets, early time-restricted feeding resulted in improved insulin levels & sensitivity, beta cell responsiveness (+ blood pressure and levels of oxidative stress) among pre-diabetic men

Systematic review studying the effects of intermittent fasting diets in the general population found decreased BMI, fasting glucose levels, and HOMA-IR
HOMA-IR reduction may be related to the ability of intermittent fasting diets to minimize loss of lean body mass, while reducing body fat

06:51 Extended fasting
Water-only fasting for 11 days, followed by ‘regeneration diet’ for 11 days
Positive effects of water fasting included reduced oxidative stress, weight, BP

Improvements included weight loss, reduced abdominal circumference, improved glucose parameters, ketosis

Metabolic and Psychological response to 7-day fasting in obese patients with and without metabolic syndrome

07:55 Heavy metals
I estimate that 33% of type 2 diabetes is from heavy metals.

Free Toxicity Quiz:

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