Dr. Jockers reveals his favorite fasting facts and explains how fasting will help you lose weight, & the benefits of autophagy. We also speak about the importance of fasting for our digestive systems.

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[01:00] Dr Jockers Intermittent Fasting New Book The Fasting Transformation
– Our society is metabolically damaged, causing us to be sick, exhausted, and overweight.
– Fasting is the most ancient, inexpensive, and most powerful healing strategy known to humankind.
– Fasting once a week will reduce metabolic disease massively.

[02:25] Favorite Fasting Facts
– Spiritual people will practice fasting when they have challenges or have significant decisions to make.

[04:35] How does intermittent fasting work for weight loss?
– When you fast, your insulin goes down.
– When insulin is high, it tells all the other hormones to stop burning fat. That way, your body can focus on burning sugar. Plus, your body will increase inflammation.
– The inflammatory process to protect us against systemic infections.
– The body creates inflammation in case your body needs to protect itself. To burn fat, we need periods of time where insulin is really low.
– If we want more advanced weight loss, keep insulin down by doing a five-day fast.

[12:00] How to Increase Metabolism & What Is Causing Your Insulin To Increase
– Stress could be a massive contributor to insulin levels.
– Poor sleep will also contribute to cortisol. Which will increase insulin levels. Cortisol inhibits insulin production to prevent glucose from being stored.
– Carbs can be a factor in your insulin increase.

[20:15] How Autophagy Works
– Brain and body will do well on intermittent fasting because of ketone production and autophagy.
– During autophagy, the body will break down old cells and creates stronger cells through recycled materials.

[23:25] Autophagy vs mtor
– Insulin will trigger mechanistic target of rapamycin. We need a building stage because we need hormones and new cells.
– When insulin is low, we are cleansing. During this stage, our cells will get rid of toxins.
– Adults need more time with low insulin than high insulin.

[30:00] How Fasting Will Reset Your Digestive System
– Fasting will take the stress off your gut. When you have gut problems, it’s like having a broken ankle. If you go out and walk every day on your broken ankle, it will never heal.
– For the gut, you can fast for a period of time each day to reset your digestive system and heal your gut lining.
– Fasting will reduce inflammation in your digestive system.

[37:40] When Does Autophagy Start?
– It will depend on your metabolic flexibility.
– Other factors include sleep and stress.
– Someone who is metabolic healthy can reach autophagy at sixteen to eighteen hours.
– If you have high fasting insulin, you may need to fast for multiple days.

[43:55] Extended Fasting Strategies
– When you do an extended fast, you’ll get higher levels of autophagy.
– If you are battling chronic disease, it can be powerful.
– A block fast will help prevent chronic disease.

[50:30] Fasting When Insulin Resistant & intermittent fasting for diabetes type 2
– When you lower insulin, you will have lower inflammation.
– Fasting will help regenerate your insulin receptors. That way, your body will reset how much insulin it produces.
The Fasting Transformation: A Functional Guide to Burn Fat, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life with Intermittent and Extended Fasting:

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