How to replenish electrolytes and minerals on the keto diet | w/ Barton Scott

Replenishing electrolytes and minerals on the keto diet is important for better results. Barton Scott explains symptoms on the ketogenic diet when you don’t, such as a headache, the keto flu, and others. When you use the best keto supplements, magnesium, potassium and others, it will help you achieve better results when you are in ketosis, and practicing intermittent fasting.

Today, I am blessed to have here with me, Founder of Upgraded Formulas and a Chemical Engineer, Barton Scott.

In this episode, Barton Scott opens the show explaining the inspiration behind his company, Upgraded Formulas. Unfortunately, typical supplements and our food isn’t enough to get all of our minerals. Barton came up with a better way: highly-effective dietary supplements that are absorbed better by the body than any other products. Plus, Barton created a hair test that is ideal for determining your heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies. Tune in as we talk about the importance of testing, which minerals will be helpful with keto, and Barton speaks about his 11-day water fast.

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Interview Summary:

Can you get All Of YOur Minerals From Food?
– Unfortunately, our food isn’t enough to get all of our minerals.
– We all have some level of gut disfunction. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that our guts are not efficient systems.
– The environment is not perfect either in terms of efficiency.
– As life goes on, we have less and less nutrition in our food. Topsoil is depleted; therefore, there are fewer nutrients in our foods.

Keto, Fasting, And Your Mineral Levels
– When people are fasting poorly, their mineral levels are going to be low.
– People are trying so hard to be healthy, but they just aren’t seeing results.
– When your electrolytes on keto get low, this can cause the keto flu. It is important to understand how to replenish electrolytes on keto.
– The perfect diet and fasting will not get you well; instead, it’s just part of the equation.
– When you are eating a high-carb diet, you retain a lot of water weight. On keto, you will release a lot of excess water weight.
– If you don’t have a plan in place, you might get brain fog, short-term memory loss, and other issues.

Upgraded Formulas That Will Help On Your Keto Journey
– Magnesium on keto and potassium on keto, are two supplements that will help on your keto journey. Take magnesium whenever you feel anxious or stressed. Most people will take two capsules before bed.

[36:15] About Barton’s 11-Day Water Fast
– Barton took his Upgraded Magnesium and Upgraded Potassium during the fast.
– He felt amazing and got loads of work done during the fast.
– If you do a 7-day fast once a year, it will cut your risk of cancer by ninety-five percent.
– During the fast, Barton would sip black coffee as needed but tried not to drink too much.
– Anytime we are stressed, we burn through minerals faster; so too much coffee may do harm.
– Barton salts water daily for his fast too.

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