Dr. Erin Connealy reveals the most common causes of cancer, how keto and fasting can help to prevent cancer, how to test for cancer in the body & more. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE

*Dr. Connealy firmly believes that there is no 1 cause of cancer. It is the overwhelming presence of toxins, unresolved emotional trauma, EMFs, etc., that breakdown the body’s ability to fight cancer and eventually leads to the growth of a tumor and a cancer diagnosis.*

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[00:30] About Dr. Connealy

[10:00] The Truth About Cancer
– Dr. Connealy has asked every patient about the first thing they have done since being diagnosed with cancer. 100% of patients said they changed their eating habits.
– Sugar and food are addictions.

[17:05] How Long A Cancer Diagnosis Will Take
– Cancer starts with just one erroneous cell. The cell will begin to replicate itself.
– When the cancer cell becomes a tumor, that cell is ten years old. That means you had nine years of opportunity to check to see if you have cancer.
– With the technology that we have today, we know with a high accuracy rate if people have cancer.

[22:55] The Survival Rate For Chemotherapy
– The survival rate for chemotherapy is two percent. This statistic is for the people that don’t change any sort of lifestyle.

[24:30] Testing To Determine Cancer Risk
– Dr. Connealy doesn’t assume that 25-year-olds are healthy. There are too many 25-year-olds with cancer.
– Check your chemistry panel. 50% of the population has a condition called fatty liver. There’s a 50% chance that the liver is elevated. Dr. Connealy is not concerned about cholesterol; it’s the least of our problems.
– Make sure to get a thyroid blood test. If you have low thyroid, then you are at a higher risk for cancer.
– A hemoglobin A1c is a reflection of your sugar over 90 days.
– You want your DHEA levels optimal.
– hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone can be a useful marker for women.
– Don’t use one indicator. Look at the big picture.

[33:45] Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient
– There is so much going on environmentally that we are not absorbing vitamin D.
– Even people who play beach volleyball in California are vitamin D deficient.
– There are two supplements that everyone should take: vitamin D and oils.

[41:30] About The Relationship Between Cancer and Sugar
– Cancer cells eat sugar. A PET scan is proof that cancer cells eat sugar. Some cancers eat more sugar, while other cancers eat less.
– Sugar is a massive problem; it is our enemy. The key to health is not to eat sugar. When you eat sugar, you are feeding potential cancer cells.
– Cancer cells have many markers.
– Most patients already know about this relationship between cancer and sugar. However, they usually just copy the traditions that they grew up with. People need to learn to be mindful of their actions.

[46:30] The Benefits of a Keto Lifestyle With Fasting
– Getting off sugar is the most significant benefit of a keto lifestyle.
– After fasting, many patients will see improvements in their tumors.
– Calorie restriction is the only way to slow down aging. Everything you breathe, eat, and drink will go through your body. Then, your body will rest and regenerate. Any kind of fasting is a good idea.

[56:45] Emotional Conflict and EMFs
– Emotional trauma is the number one thing that will cause disease.
– Scientists are forewarning all of our governments about the dangers of EMFs. Every cell in our body can receive and transmit energy.

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