How to practice fasting for women with Dr Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy focuses on fasting for women. Discover how to practice intermittent fasting for beginners and pros. You’ll learn how long women should fast, fasting for women over 50 and more!

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[02:55] About The Fasting Circle
– Women love the idea of fasting – there are so many miracles that can happen when you fast.
– The Fasting Circle will help women navigate the fasting experience.

[06:30] The Dangers Of Fasting Too Much
– The first danger for intermittent fasting women is progesterone. You make the most progesterone around day twenty of your cycle. If you are in a low-glycemic state, then it won’t make progesterone very proficient.
– Fasts will cause cortisol – it’s fine during the front half of the cycle. When you need to make progesterone, you don’t want that stress.
– Make yourself insulin resistant from day one to day ten of your period.

[11:50] Fasting For Post-Menopausal Women
– If you are over forty, you have an organ that is shutting down (your ovaries).
– No other time in your life will you have an organ shutting down. Your ovaries will make hormones. Well, your body still has to make it so your adrenal glands will take over.
– We are not made to be permanent fat burners. We are made for metabolic switching. As women get on the other side of menopause, we have to build our hormones back up.

[16:20] About The 5-1-1 Rule
– Women need to go into hormone building times. That’s when we can lean into foods likes squashes, beans, and quinoa.
– Women should feel free to move in and out of ketosis.

[20:15] The Six Styles Of Fasting
– Intermittent Fast: 13 – 15 hours.
– Autophagy Fast: 17 hours.
– This is when autophagy kicks in. So, the cells start to understand that it needs to clean up their act. It’s great for detox!
– Gut Reset: 24 hours.
– This is an incredible fast for people with gut dysbiosis.
– Fat Burner Fast: 36 hours.
– Dopamine Reset: 48 hours.
– Immunity Fast: 72 hours.
– This fast will reboot stem cells – especially when it comes to white blood cells. It has been known as a way to kill cancer cells.

[45:00] Fats That Make It Hard To Fast

[52:35] Toxins Are Another Enemy Of Fasting
– Your fat stores will have excess. When you lose weight, toxins will release into your system.
– We need to go in and out of detox.
– Dr. Mindy says that we shouldn’t avoid fasting because of symptoms. Instead, we should honor our symptoms and learn how to read them.
– As you’re fasting, make sure you are opening up your detox pathways. You should be sweating and massaging different parts of your body.
– The more toxins you have, the harder it may be to get fat adapted and get ketones.

[59:20] Helping Your Hair Grow Back

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