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As some of you have requested for more sweet desserts using ground sunflower seeds, here’s a quick and easy low carb banana cake. It is so soft, moist and delicious. Of course, there’s no real banana inside so it can be considered keto as well. I used McCormick’s banana extract but you can use any good quality ones. If you wish to add mashed bananas, you could do that too as long as it is within your macros or if you are not so into low carb. Just make sure that you reduce the amount of liquid if you add mashed bananas. With this low carb / keto version, I added a fresh banana on top as it really makes a nice touch and I actually enjoyed those pieces of the cake which has a little banana on it haha..

Sunflower seeds are versatile seeds that are technically a fruit. These tiny sunflower seeds are loaded with many nutrients. Sunflower seeds especially have a huge amount of vitamin E and selenium. These vitamins are worked as the antioxidants that can protect our body cells against free radicals damage. Also, these play a role in various chronic diseases. In addition, these sunflower seeds are an excellent source of beneficial plant compounds such as phenolic acid and flavonoids.

Not only are sunflower seeds cheap but they are a healthier alternative to low carb baking. The best part is that it has the same ratio as almond flour so you can easily replace almond flour with it. Ground sunflower seeds also makes the best keto bread for both vegan and non-vegan versions as I have shown you in several videos here;

Keto Sunflower Seed Buns

Keto Sunflower Seed Buns (Vegan)

Keto Sunflower Seed Loaf Bread

Keto Sunflower Seed Yeast Bread

I also have another video on Keto Lemon Blueberry Cake using ground sunflower seeds;

I will be experimenting with more keto food using ground sunflower seeds so stay tuned.

The recipe can be viewed and printed at this link;

[ Total Servings = 13 ]
Per serving ;
Total Carb = 4 g
Dietary Fiber = 0.9 g
Net Carb = 3.1 g
Calories = 108
Total Fat = 9.3 g
Protein = 2.7 g


Ground Sunflower Seed = 240 g / 2 cups (See video on how to grind the sunflower seeds)
Other Low Carb Flour Options :
1. Almond Flour = 240 g / 2 cups
2. Coconut Flour = 60 g / 1/2 cup
Baking Powder = 8 g / 2 tsp (If using double acting, reduce amount by half)
Baking Soda = 1/4 tsp (Optional)
Allulose = 80 g / 6 tbsp (Note: You can also use any other keto friendly sweetener)
Salt = 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon Powder = 1 to 2 tsp

Eggs = 3 large
Unsalted Butter (Melted) = 40 ml / 3 tbsp (For dairy free option, you can use coconut or olive oil)
Whipping Cream = 120 ml / 1/2 cup (For dairy free option, you can use coconut cream)
Banana Extract = 2 to 4 tsp (In the video, I used Banana Extract from McCormick)

1 large banana (optional) – sliced into half lengthwise

1. Preheat the oven at 350F or 180C.
2. In a bowl, add all the dry ingredients and mix until well combined.
3, Add all the wet ingredients and mix until well combined. The batter should be thick and smooth.
4. Grease and line parchment paper on an 8×4 inch loaf pan
5. Pour batter into the pan and top with sliced bananas. This is optional but it really adds a nice touch.
6. Bake at the middle rack for about 30 to 40 minutes or until a wooden skewer comes out clean.
7. The cake can be refrigerated up to a week and frozen for months. However, if topped with fresh banana, you may have to consume the cake within a short period.

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Music credit to : Ultimate Tracks
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