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I have been wanting to do keto waffles for a long time now but it just kept being pushed down the list. Frankly, I underestimated this recipe as it was more difficult than I thought. As I wanted to stick to classic ingredients without cheese, peanut butter etc., I had to get the ratio of the flour, eggs, butter and milk right. Butter was one of the ingredients that I had to cut down drastically before it worked. After having spent quite some time experimenting, I finally got it right and yes, I am sharing not one but 3 recipes using almond flour, almond & coconut flour and coconut flour so you have more options.

I am sharing with you a new discovery regarding the browning effects of keto friendly sweeteners during baking so do check out the details below.

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[Total Servings = 8 ]
Total Carb = 4.9 g
Dietary Fiber = 2.3 g
Net Carb = 2.6 g
Calories = 197
Total Fat =17.3 g
Protein = 6.1 g

[Total Servings = 7 ]
Total Carb = 4.1 g
Dietary Fiber = 2.0 g
Net Carb = 2.1 g
Calories = 164
Total Fat =14.5 g
Protein = 4.7 g

[Total Servings = 6 ]
Total Carb = 1.9 g
Dietary Fiber = 0.9 g
Net Carb = 1.0 g
Calories = 111
Total Fat =10.6 g
Protein = 2.6 g

Almond Flour = 240 g / 2 cups
(OR Almond Flour =120 g / 1 cup + Coconut Flour = 40 g / 5.7 tbsp
OR Coconut Flour = 80 g / 11 tbsp)
Baking Powder = 4 g / 1 tsp
Salt = 4 g / 1 tsp

1. I have intentionally omitted the sweetener as I found that it prevents the waffles from crisping up when toasted. For some time now, I have been puzzled why my sweet keto bread does not crisp up when toasted. But when they are plain, they crisp up very well when toasted. Then I started eliminating ingredients to find out what is the cause and eventually I found that it is the erythritol. I tried other sweeteners like lakanto and stevia and found the same effect. I googled but could not find an answer until one of my instagram followers shared a link where I could get an answer. Thanks to this person (iamsayafen), I understand now that erythritol does not undergo browning reactions during baking like table sugar components do (glucose and fructose). As a polyol, erythritol does not contain the C=O group, called carbonyl, necessary for browning. And I believe that this may apply to other keto friendly sweeteners too. If you are interested to know more, check out this link – @
2. For these waffles, I tried with and without the sweeteners and found that without the sweeteners, the waffles could crisp up better when toasted. Of course, the crispiest is the almond flour version while the almond and coconut flour version is moderately crispy. For obvious reasons, the coconut flour version is the softest and could only crisp up just a tiny bit.
3. For waffles, it is totally fine to omit the sweetener as we will be adding sweet toppings to them.
4. If you do not mind the waffles to be soft, then you can certainly add about 50 g of sweetener.

Eggs = 2 large (about 60 g per egg with shell)
Melted Unsalted Butter = 60 g / 1/4 cup
Vanilla Extract = 2 tsp
Unsweetened Pea or Almond Milk = 240 ml / 1 cup
NOTE : For a dairy free option, you can replace the butter with coconut or olive oil.

1. In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients until well combined.
2. Add the wet ingredients and mix until a thick dough is formed.
3. Preheat the waffle maker and grease it to avoid sticking. Of course, greasing is not necessary if your waffle maker has a strong non-stick function.
4. Spoon the batter onto the center of the waffle maker, close and cook for about 5 to 10 mins. I found that for the almond flour version, I could cook for 5 mins and they are firm enough to remove easily. But for the other versions, I cook them longer so that they become firmer and easier to remove. If you cook them too short a period, it’s more difficult to remove as they are still soft.
5. Cool the cooked waffles on a wire rack to prevent the steam from softening the waffles.
6. Enjoy the waffles with any of your favorite toppings. If you would like to check out my video on how to make keto strawberry jam, just click this link –
7. To crisp up the waffles, just toast them in a mini toaster oven.
8. These waffles can be easily frozen for months.

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