Most of you may not know that I used to make and sell mango jams for 5 years under the brand of Mangolicious. During this period, I learnt so much about jam making which is actually not difficult. The most challenging part was actually the canning process. I had 5 flavors of mango jams including the original (made from Pakistan mangoes), mango kaya, mango pineapple, mango chutney and mango chili jam). The original mango jam was my best seller. Subsequently, I introduced Strawberry Chia Jam and it very quickly became one of my best sellers. Even though I enjoyed doing this homemade business and made a difference with it by contributing part of the proceeds to the homeless, but eventually it deteriorated my bad back problems and my only helper which was my live in domestic maid decided to retire and went back to Indonesia. So I decided to cease operation and what do you know? I went full time running this youtube channel haha…

So today, I decided to do a video on how to make this Keto Strawberry & Blueberry Jam which is so decadent. It is so good that you can even eat it straight from the jar. I have also shared an important tip of using vitamin C (which is something that my family consumes daily) to add ascorbic acid to the jam. Even when I did canning for my jams, I still faced the problem of darkening at the top which is not appealing at all. When I discovered this method of using Vitamin C, I was thrilled that the jams were kept vibrant before opening and after opening the jars and they keep so well in the fridge up to 2 to 3 months. Of course, you can choose not to add any acids but the jams will keep for 2 to 4 weeks and there is a tendency of darkening at the top. Most people choose to use lemon juice which is good but I found that the jams taste lemony after that so it’s not good for me. Vinegar is another option but again, it may affect the taste of the jam.

This recipe can be viewed and printed at this link ;

[ Total Servings Per Jar = 11 ]
Per serving of 20 g ;
Total Carb = 2.53 g
Dietary Fiber = 0.89 g
Net Carb = 1.64 g
Calories = 13.7
Total Fat = 0.32 g
Protein = 0.40 g

Fresh or frozen strawberries = 2 kg
Fresh or frozen blueberries = 1 kg
Any keto powdered sweetener = 350 g (Note: I used self ground Erythritol in the video. You can also use any keto friendly granulated sweetener or stevia liquid)
Chia seeds = 150 g (Note: You can use xanthan gum too)
Vitamin C = 4 x 1000 mg (Note: Choose unsweetened and unflavored ones. The acid from the vitamin helps to maintain the freshness of the jam and it’s vibrant colors for up to a few months in the fridge without affecting the flavor. This is optional and you can also use lemon juice or vinegar but they may affect the taste of the jam.)

If using frozen fruits, please defrost and drain all the liquids otherwise the jam will be too runny.

1. Crush the vitamin C and dissolve with some hot water. Set aside.
2. Cut off the top of the strawberries, wash and clean.
3. Wash and clean the blueberries.
4. Place the strawberries in a big bowl and use a hand held blender or food processor to mash them into a coarse consistency with some chunks.
5. Pour the mashed strawberries into a large pot.
6. Add the whole blueberries.
7. Add the sweetener. You can add it gradually, taste and adjust accordingly.
8. Cook over a low to medium heat, stirring constantly.
9. Add the dissolved vitamin C, stir and cook for a while.
10. Lastly, add the chia seeds gradually. You may not need to add all the 150 g depending on your preferred level of thickness. I ended up using all of the 150 g as I prefer a thick texture.
11. The whole cooking process takes only about 30 to 40 mins. Do not over cook as it may cause loss of flavors.
12. Once the jam is nice and thick, turn off heat and remove the pot.
13. Fill the jam into clean and dry jars using a funnel.
14. Cool the jams completely before capping.
15. Label and refrigerate.
16. This recipe makes about 13 x 250 g jars so you can adjust accordingly. I realized I mentioned 13 x 225 g jars in the video but 225 g is actually the net weight of the jam – my apologies.
17. Due to the use of the vitamin C, the jam can keep up to a few months in the fridge with a vibrant color. Without any added acid, the jam can keep for up to 2 to 4 weeks and there is a tendency of darkening at the top which makes the jam not so appealing even though it is still safe to consume.
18. In the video, I used my Keto Flaxseed Bread to serve with the jam. Check out this link if you would like to learn how to make it;

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