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I have been making poke bowls for my family lately so I thought why not make a video on a keto friendly version. It is so easy to make poke bowls as it requires no cooking. And the best part is that it is a customizable dish.

Poke (pronounced as “Poh-keh”) is actually a Hawaiian national dish. It was invented by fishermen who would season the cut-offs of their daily catch while sitting on their boats and eat them. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish, usually tuna which is tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and soy based sauces. Poke bowls are a food staple in Hawaii and they are available everywhere, freshly prepared.

Well, the rest of the world caught up with poke bowls and there are tons of food chain selling them under various names. And of course, they have transformed poke bowls in line with modern living and healthier options. Nowadays, you can find restaurants offering zoodles, cauliflower rice or salads as the base which is a good thing but it can be quite costly to eat them at restaurants.

So I thought of 3 ways to make the base keto friendly i.e. cauli rice, shirataki rice and shirataki noodles. I chose tamari as the main ingredient for the sauce and made a non-spicy and spicy version. Restaurants are even offering vegan versions using tofu or tempeh as the main ingredient but as these are not keto friendly, I chose avocado for that creamy, melt in the mouth feel.

It’s quite tricky to calculate the nutrition info for these dishes but they are only about 4 to 8 g net carb per serving which is a meal by itself. Of course, you can customize with your own ingredients as long as they are low carb or keto friendly. So not only are these keto poke bowls easy to put together but they are healthy and delicious. The key is to get good quality, sashimi grade fish and a tasty sauce.

The recipe can be viewed and printed at this link;

Tamari = 45 ml / 3 tbsp
Lemon Juice = 5 ml / 1 tsp (Note: You can use white vinegar too)
Sesame Oil = 9 ml / 1 tbsp
Stevia liquid = 4 drops

Tamari = 30 ml / 2 tbsp
Lemon Juice = 5 ml / 1 tsp (Note: You can use white vinegar too)
Sesame Oil = 9 ml / 1 tbsp
Sambal Oelek = 15 g / 1 tbsp (Note: You can use chili paste or hot sauce. Add more for a spicier option)
Red Chili Flakes = 1 tsp
Stevia liquid = 4 drops

Note: Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined and set aside.

Cauliflower Rice = 170 g
Raw sashimi grade salmon = 120 g
Green Coral = A handful
Purple Cabbage (shredded) = 15 g
Cucumber (cubed) = 30 g
Cherry Tomatoes = 40 g
Toasted Walnuts = 15 g

Miracle Rice or Any Other Shirataki Rice = 1 packet
Avocado (cubed) =1
Green Coral = A handful
Cherry Tomatoes = 40 g
Cucumber (cubed) = 30 g
Purple Cabbage (shredded) = 15 g
Toasted Pecans = 15 g

Miracle Angel Hair or Any Other Shirataki Noodles = 1 packet
Raw sashimi grade tuna = 170 g
Green Coral = A handful
Carrots (shredded) = 15 g
Cherry Tomatoes = 40 g
Toasted Pecans = 15 g
Roasted Seaweed = A handful

1. For cauliflower rice, wash and clean the florets and ensure that they are dry before putting into a food processor. Process until the size of rice and microwave for about 3 mins. You can add some salt for flavor. For a non-vegan option, you can add some butter for better flavor.
2. For shirataki rice and noodles, prepare following the instructions on the packaging. It’s important that they are dry so that they can absorb the sauces. It’s best to dry roast them in a pan without oil to remove excess water before using.
3. Marinade the raw salmon, tuna and avocado with a few tsp of the sauce for about 10 mins before using.

1. Place the rice or noodles at the bottom of the bowl. Reserve 2 spoons.
2. Drizzle a few tsp of the sauce on the rice or noodles.
3. The fish and avocado should be placed at the center of the bowl and the rest of ingredients around it. Spoon the reserved rice or noodles on top as one of the ingredients so that you know what is at the bottom. Of course, if everyone is having the same base, then this is not necessary.
4. Sprinkle with toasted black and white sesame seeds.
5. Enjoy !

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