Please note that I have included the crust recipe for a 9″ pie pan below


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It has taken me this long to start learning how to make pies because I get intimidated when I think of pies and yes, I am not kidding. It feels like such a difficult thing to do but once I started, there’s no turning back hehe.. I am so happy that I even managed to develop a vegan crust with a sturdy and crispy texture. The best part is that the dough can be rolled and transferred to a pie pan which means that we can even do a double crust so yay to that. I am thinking of chicken pot pie and many other possibilities.

I have actually developed this non-vegan almond crust as well as coconut flaxseed crust based on my scone recipes and so the crusts are buttery flaky good. Initially, I had planned to do this video for both versions but somehow I experienced a technical problem so had to split them into 2 videos. So if you prefer the coconut flaxseed crust, stay tuned for the video this weekend.

You can use this almond crust for many other toppings and it’s easily shaped by hands. But I chose to start with lemon tart as I love the tangy taste which is so refreshing especially when chilled. I will be making a keto pecan pie with the vegan crust later on so stay tuned for it.

The recipe can be viewed and printed at this link ;

[ Total Servings = 12 ]
Per serving ;
Total Carb = 3.8 g
Dietary Fiber = 1.6 g
Net Carb = 2.2 g
Calories = 177
Total Fat = 16.4 g
Protein = 5.6 g

Almond Flour = 180 g / 1 1/2 cup
Unsalted Cold Butter (cubed) = 60 g / 1/4 cup
Lakanto Powdered Sweetener = 30 g / 1/4 cup (OR any keto friendly sweetener)
Whole egg = 1 large
Salt = 1/2 tsp

Almond Flour = 240 g / 2 cups
Unsalted Cold Butter (cubed) = 80 g / 1/3 cup
Lakanto Powdered Sweetener = 40 g / 6 tbsp (OR any keto friendly sweetener)
Whole eggs = 2 medium
Salt = 1 tsp

Lakanto Powdered Sweetener = 125 g / 1 cup (Note: This is mildly sweet so if you prefer it sweeter, you can add more sweetener)
Whole Eggs = 2 large
Egg Yolks = 3 large
Salt = 1/4 tsp
Whipping Cream = 120 ml / 1/2 cup
Fresh Lemon Juice = 120 ml / 1/2 cup
Zest from 2 lemons
(Note: Any leftovers of the filling can be frozen and eaten as ice cream.)

1. In a bowl or food processor, add the almond flour, powdered sweetener, salt and mix until well combined.
2. Add the cold cubed butter and use either food processor, pastry blender or hand to mash the butter until small pieces. It’s done when the mixture looks like crumbles.
3. Add the egg and mix until a dough is formed.
4. Place the dough onto a greased 8″ non-stick pie pan with removable bottom. Spread evenly with hands until the entire pan is covered. Prick some holes with a fork.
5. Chill the dough for 15 mins.
6. Once the dough is chilled, do a blind bake. Cover the dough with a parchment paper and fill with anything suitable to weigh down the dough.
7. Bake at 350F or 180C for about 10 to 15 mins. Then remove the weights and paper and make a tent foil to cover the pan to prevent from over browning. Then bake for another 10 to 15 mins until slightly browned.
8. Meanwhile, prepare the filling. In a bowl, add the sweetener, eggs, egg yolks, salt and whisk until well combined.
9. Add the lemon juice, zest and whisk until well combined.
10. Add the whipping cream and whisk until well combined.
11. When the crust is ready, pour the filling onto the crust.
12. Bake at a lower heat at 300F or 150C for about 20 mins or just until the filling is set. You can touch the filling and if it feels set or firm, then it is ready. Do not overbake as it will cause browning on the top of filling.
13. After baking, remove the foil and let it cool to room temperature. Then chill for at least 1 hour before slicing.
14. The lemon tart can be refrigerated up to a week and it tastes so refreshing and delicious when chilled.

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