This Keto Basque Burnt Cheesecake is remarkably easy and quick to make. It only requires a good old spatula and a hand held whisk with only a few ingredients. No fancy equipment needed but if you prefer to use a mixer, by all means, feel free to use it. As you know, I always prefer not to use any equipment unless it is absolutely necessary. Perhaps, I am a lazy person who prefers less hassle and less cleaning hehe..

This cheesecake is creamy on the inside and caramelized on the outside. The rich dark top is actually achieved by baking at a high temperature within a shorter baking time.

This rustic looking cheesecake originates in Basque Country and is said to have been created in 1990 by Chef Santiago Rivera of La Viña in San Sebastian, Spain. While the original recipe only calls for five ingredients — cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, eggs and flour — countless variants have popped up. But for this keto version, I have not used any flour, starch or xanthan gum and it still turned out well.

The recipe can be viewed and printed at this link;

[ Total Servings = 6 ]
Per serving ;
Total Carb = 2.4 g
Dietary Fiber = 0
Net Carb = 2.4 g
Calories = 287
Total Fat = 28.7 g
Protein = 6.1 g

Cream Cheese (room temperature) = 400 g / 1 2/3 cups (Note: I used Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It’s best to use good quality cream cheese as it is the star of the show.)
Eggs (room temperature) = 2 large
Whipping or Heavy Cream (room temperature) = 220 ml / 1 cup
Allulose = 80 g / 5 1/2 tbsp (Note: This is mildly sweet so you can adjust accordingly. You can also use any other Keto friendly sweetener)
Salt = 1 g
Vanilla extract = 1 tsp

1. Preheat the oven at 428 F or 200 C. It’s best to preheat the oven longer around 20 to 30 minutes so that it is hot enough. The burnt texture is created by the high temperature and shorter baking time.
2. In the video, I used a 6 inch or 15 cm round pan with 3″ height. If you use a bigger pan, you need to increase the recipe. Roughly line with parchment paper and cut off any excess then set aside. If your pan is lower, then you may need to make the parchment paper higher to withstand the rise.
3. It’s important to bring the cream cheese, eggs and whipping cream to room temperature so that they blend together easily creating a smoother batter.
4. In a small bowl, lightly beat the eggs, salt and vanilla extract then set aside.
5. In a bigger bowl, add the cream cheese and use a spatula to mix until smooth.
6. Add the sweetener and mix until smooth and creamy.
7. Add half the egg mixture and use a hand held whisk to mix until combined.
8. Add the balance of the egg mixture and whisk until well combined.
9. Add the whipping cream and whisk until smooth and creamy.
10. Strain the batter into the pan to prevent any lumps.
11. Bake at the middle rack with top, bottom heat and fan for about 20 to 30 mins. If you only have a conventional oven with regular bake option, then bring the rack higher as heat rises so the upper oven will be hotter. However, if your oven is top heating, make sure that the parchment paper is not touching the heating element to prevent any burning. As all ovens are different, pay attention to the darkening of the top. Rotate the pan midway to ensure even browning. If the top is not darkening fast enough, you may have to give up on the color as you can’t keep on baking. Sometimes, you may have to reduce the temperature if the top is burning too fast. So you need to adapt to the situation as every oven is different.
12. Once the top is dark enough, immediately remove the pan. If you wish to have a darker top, just switch to the top heat for a little while before removing the pan. After removing the pan, just give it a jiggle and if the cake is wobbly, then it is done. The texture will firm up as it cools.
13. Do not over bake the cake after 30 mins even if the top is not dark enough as the texture of the cake will be affected.
14. During baking, the cake will rise but will sink down after some time.
15. Whether you prefer a creamy texture or a creamy texture with an oozy raw center or a firmer texture like regular cheesecake, it basically boils down to the baking time. For a creamy texture, bake it at the normal time around 30 mins. For a creamy with an oozy raw center, bake it at a lesser amount of time around 20 mins. And for a firmer texture, bake it a bit longer than the normal time of 30 mins.
15. Let the cake cool down to room temperature before chilling in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.
16. If you prefer a softer texture with a custardy filling, take out the cheesecake from the fridge for about 15 to 30 minutes before serving. This will also bring out the flavor of the cream cheese better. But if you prefer a firm texture, then serve it cold.

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