If you are intolerant to certain ingredients like gluten, wheat, psyllium husks, xanthan gum or even yeast, I have come up with a series of alternative keto bread just for you. So far, I have come up with Keto Almond White Bread, Coconut White Bread, Flaxseed Bread and now, I am introducing this Keto Almond Coconut White Bread which is light and soft with a mild coconut flavor and its not eggy at all.

Of course, without psyllium husks, the texture is a little cake-like and crumbly but it is still a great alternative or option.

The key ingredient is the egg whites which makes the bread looks white and the protein from egg whites helps to boost the rise. When part of the egg whites are whipped to stiff peaks, the meringue helps to provide the volume. If you use egg yolks, the bread will not rise as much as fats from the yolks hinders the rise and tastes very eggy.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do with the leftover egg yolks;
1. Scrambled eggs (add some whole eggs)
2. Steam eggs (add some whole eggs)
3. Low carb fried rice
4. Egg tarts
5. Crème Brule
6. Egg custard
7. Ice cream
8. Pasta sauce
9. French Buttercream
10. Lemon Curd
11. Caesar salad sauce
12. Hollandaise sauce
13. Mayonnaise
14. Flan
15. Indonesian layer cake
16. Lemon bars
17. Lemon tarts
18. Aioli
19. Chewy cookies
20. Salted Eggs (Cured eggs)
21. Keto Kaya (Coconut Jam)
22. Add to stir fried veggies

The recipe can be viewed and printed at this link;

[ Total Servings = 18 ]
Per Serving ;
Total Carb = 2.3 g
Dietary Fiber = 0.9 g
Net Carb = 1.4 g
Calories = 92
Total Fat = 7.4 g
Protein = 4.3 g


Almond Flour = 180 g / 1 1/2 cup
Coconut Flour = 60 g / 1/2 cup
Egg Whites (room temperature) = 7 large egg whites (250 g) (Note: You can also use egg whites from cartons)
Baking Powder = 16 g / 4 tsp (Note: If using double acting baking powder, reduce amount by half)
Apple Cider Vinegar = 30 ml / 2 tbsp
Coconut Oil = 80 ml / 1/3 cup (Note: You can also use olive oil or melted butter)
Salt = 2 g / 1/2 tsp

Egg Whites (room temperature) = 7 large egg whites (250 g) (Note: You can also use egg whites from cartons)
Cream of tartar (helps to stabilize the meringue) = 1/2 tsp (optional)
Note: It’s easier to separate the whites from the yolks when they are cold. After separation, let the whites come to room temperature. I have tried beating both cold and room temperature egg whites and found that the latter creates so much more volume. Then add the cream of tartar (if using) and start beating with a handheld or stand mixer at medium speed until soft peaks then increase speed to high and beat until stiff peaks. It’s important to use a clean (free of grease) and dry bowl for beating the egg whites. If you find that the volume of the egg whites after beating and mixing with the batter did not increase much, that means the egg whites were not beaten correctly. So it’s important to follow the instructions above.

Total large egg whites = 14
Coconut flour is super absorbent hence, need more eggs and liquid.

1. Preheat the oven at 350F or 180C.
2. In a bowl, make the batter. Add the flour, baking powder, salt and mix until well combined.
3. Add the apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, egg whites and mix until a thick batter is formed. Set aside.
4. In a separate bowl, make the meringue according to the instructions above.
5. Add 1/3 first of the meringue to the batter and fold gently to combine. The “fold” method is like scooping up the batter from the bottom. If you simply mix or stir the meringue into the batter, it will affect the rise. Then add another 1/3 of the meringue and fold gently to combine. Lastly, add the balance of the meringue and fold gently to combine. The batter should have increased significantly and is light and fluffy.
6. Pour the batter into an 8 x 4.5 x 4.5 inch loaf pan lined with parchment paper. With a higher pan, the bread will look taller. A standard 8 x 4 inch loaf pan will not be able to fit the volume of batter so you may have to use a 9 x 5 inch pan if you do not have a tall pan.
7. Bake at the lowest rack for 50 minutes or until cooked. It is done when the internal temperature is 200F or 93C.
8. Cool completely on a wire rack before slicing. If you cut it into thin slices, you can get about 18 to 20 servings. If you cut it into thick slices, you can get about 16 servings.
9. The bread can be stored at room temperature for a few days if you have a cool climate. Otherwise, it’s best to refrigerate earlier, up to 2 weeks. They can be frozen for months.

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