How to lose weight for good | w/ Dr Sylvia Tara

Dr Sylvia Tara reveals how to lose weight for good. You’ll discover how to lose weight fast with or without exercise, how to activate fat burning hormones in your body, and the role of intermittent fasting for weight loss.

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5 easy ways to lose weight:

[02:25] What Is Fat?
– Fat is a complex endocrine organ that has multiple functions:
– Storing calories.
– Producing leptin
– Creating adiponectin – which has a lot of impact on where our fat is stored.

[03:25] What You Need to Know About Leptin
– Our fat produces this hormone called leptin. It’s the biggest producer of leptin in the body, and fat releases it into the bloodstream.
– Leptin will also communicate with your muscles. It tells your muscles that it’s okay to expend energy because you have enough nutrition.
– When we start to lose fat and begin to lose weight, say 10% or more, we reduce the amount of leptin we have.

[07:15] The Role of Adiponectin
– Adiponectin is more or less telling fat where to go.
– When we have dietary fat, adiponectin will guide the fat in our bloodstream to the right parts of our body.
– So there’s different kinds of fat, there’s white fat. It’s right under the skin, it’s in your thighs, buttocks, arms, and it’s actually the safest places to deposit fat. If you’re going to have some fat, those are the places to put it.
– There’s brown fat – it burns calories instead of storing calories.
– Plus, there is beige fat – it that can turn brown when we exercise.
– Overall, adiponectin will help guide the fat you eat and put it into the right place.

[09:20] How Exercise Can Help Adiponectin
– It’s around 20 hours of jogging a week to get adequate levels of adiponectin. That is when your body will start to shift around where your fat is.
– High-intensity interval training will also help raise your levels of adiponectin.

[11:10] How To Get More Brown Fat
– Brown fat is actually used to create heat.
– We have brown fat around our heart; we have it around the clavicle areas and our spines. Having brown fat around those important areas is critical. These areas need to be heated even when we don’t have exposure to cold.
– Beige fat, which was discovered last decade, is the fat that can turn brown through exercise.
– The more you exercise, the more you can increase your levels of brown fat.
– Exposure to cold will also increase your brown fat.

[13:45] Women Produce 33% More Ghrelin Than Men After Exercise
– Women are designed just to have more fat.
– When women exercise, they have a different reaction than men. Women’s bodies produce ghrelin after exercise, and it’s a hormone that’s released from your stomach.
– Women produce 33% more ghrelin than men after exercise.

[17:30] How Women Can Lose Body Fat

[22:05] The Role Of How To Use Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss
– Our growth hormone peaks at night. So, fasting during the nighttime will benefit your body because eating mitigates growth hormone levels.
– You want growth hormones because it’s a great way to burn fat.

[26:30] Strategies To Keep Insulin At Bay
– Fiber will bring down insulin.
– Eating higher protein diets, lower carbs, and obviously not a ton of sugar will also help keep insulin at bay.
– Fasting enables you to manage insulin, and it helps with insulin sensitivity.

[31:35] The Role of Genetics In Fat Storage
– To manage your fat, you have to work harder if you’re at a genetic disadvantage.
– Some people tend to have a much higher appetite because they have a certain variant of the FTO gene.

[35:30] How Environmental Factors Affect Fat

[43:45] Testing Your Fat

[48:20] Correlation Between Stress & Fat
– Stress is linked to abdominal fat.

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