How to heal your body with frequencies with Sara Banta

In this Keto Kamp Podcast episode, Sara Banta opens the show by sharing her and her son’s health journey. After her son’s leukemia diagnosis, Sara’s family went on a massive health journey. Eventually, that journey led Sara to create Accelerated Health Products to help other people heal.

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[00:25] About Sara Banta
After three pregnancies, Sara’s body took a massive hit. She had zero energy, and her stomach was bloated with food.
Later, Sara found out her son had the cancer leukemia. Sara decided to put all of her energy into healing her son.
Doctors simply don’t have the time to help everyone heal.
After cutting the processed foods and sugars, Sara and her son were on a healing journey together. Sara was able to reverse autoimmune symptoms for herself.

[19:20] Using Keto As A Health Tool
A lot of people progress from paleo to keto. That way, you won’t hit the keto flu as much.
Also, endogenous ketones are a great tool to get yourself into ketosis without the keto flu.
Intermittent fasting is essential to incorporate in a ketogenic lifestyle; that way, ketosis is easier to achieve.
Sara focuses on supplements and tools to get her into ketosis quicker.
Most people walk around with leaky gut. It’s easy to have with the toxins that we are exposed to daily.
On Sara’s keto journey, she realized that she and her children are all individuals, needing different diets.
Even though Sara is on keto, she has a challenging time processing fat. Sara will focus on high protein. She eats less fat than a typical person who is on keto.
You don’t need to be in ketosis 24/7, especially for females. Going in and out of ketosis will be helpful for the metabolism.

[25:50] About Frequency-Based Healing
There are frequency-based machines that can heal the human body.
For instance, the Genius Insight Biofeedback App is a great tool. It combines a patented Voice Spectral Analysis together with a series of highly effective alternative healing modalities.
Sara sells an Accelerated Scalar Silver that delivers potency being charged with scalar technology to help you increase your frequency and to help support, strengthen, and boost your immune system powerfully.
If you are deficient in iodine, then those receptors will get filled with damaging chemicals.
When you take enough iodine, you reduce your risk for cancer by fifty percent.

[35:40] Energy Healing Regardless Of Your Budget
Try the Genius Insight Biofeedback App for free. It will tell you where your deficiencies are, including hormones.
Plus, you can analyze and balance your vitamins, minerals, hormones, and amino acids.
The app will also test for electrical sensitivities, food sensitivities, and chemical sensitives. Sara focuses on which healing frequency activates this energy healing miracle inside of the body. Self love healing plays a big role in this healing process.

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