How to FIX STOMACH PROBLEMS on the ketogenic diet w/ Matt Gallant & Wade Lightheart

If you have stomach pain or digestive issues on keto, discover the solution with Matt Gallant & Wade Lightheart from Bioptimizers.

In this episode, Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart open the show speaking about the four stages of fat adaptation. In the first stage, your body will not be efficient in utilizing ketones. They also reveal how to fix constipation or diarrhea on keto.

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[02:15] About Matt Gallant

[03:45] The Four Stages of Fat Adaptation
– 1. The Keto Flu Phase
– When you start keto, your body is not efficient in utilizing ketones for energy.
– You will not have energy during this phase.
– 2. Feeling Good
– You will start to reap the rewards.
– It’s the right time to cut carbs and boost fat.
– You want to force your body to become efficient and effective in burning fat as fuel.
– 3. Start Carb Cycling
– Start doing some carb refeeds.
– Bump up protein.
– This phase will last nine months.
– 4. Long-Term Keto
– Exercise performance will be as good as it was on carbs.
– You hold onto more glucose in the muscle.

[17:00] Resetting Your Leptin Levels
– If you lose weight too fast, then your body will get triggered for survival mode.

[37:25] When To Pay Attention To Your Ghrelin
– When fasting, your body will pump out ghrelin an hour before your typical mealtime is.
– If you eat at 9 am, then at 8 am, you will get a ghrelin spike.
– If you skip breakfast for three to five days, then your ghrelin spike will disappear.
– What makes someone fail a diet is hunger and cravings.
– What’s the difference between psychological hunger and physiological hunger?
– The benefit of fasting and keto is that you can discern the difference between psychological hunger and physiological hunger.

[44:10] Following Keto Without A Gallbladder
– If you are going to attempt keto without a gallbladder, get yourself some medical advice. You can get into a lot of trouble if you mess this up.
– When you eat something nasty, the damage is going to happen in your liver or gallbladder.
– If you have a high calcium-based diet, you can impair enzymatic function.

[48:30] Breaking Your Fast As A Female
– Females do better if they break their fast in the morning.
– Men do better if they break their fast later in the day.
– Hormones peak and cycle – it can affect your mood, productivity, and your ability to maintain your diet.
– Females can get into the ghrelin monsters faster than men do.

[50:45] The Importance Of Having Less Food Selection
– Less food selection is much better for a whole bunch of reasons.
– 1. You are making fewer decisions.
– 2. There will be fewer cravings.
– However, don’t eat the same thing every single day.
– Instead of having forty different meals that you rotate from, maybe have ten or twelve.

[53:10] How To Support The Mitochondria
– The biggest hack you can do is high-intensity interval training.
– Most hormone-related stressors will improve mitochondria like cold showers.
– Eat high-quality food and avoid toxins.
– Magnesium will help you stay relaxed and calm.

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🎥 RELATED VIDEO: Fix Your Keto Digestive Issues With Wade Lightheart:

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